The World’s Most Comprehensive and Intensive Akashic Records Training Program

ZENITH with Cheryl Marlene

Learn how to access the Akashic Records! And then go beyond the usual and the everyday into the powerful depths of the universal mysteries.

Learn Powerful Connection with the Akashic Records

Create your path of Personal Power Mastery

Uncover blocks, build dreams, and view new worlds through the Akashic Records and Beyond.


Begin in the Akashic Records with you, next with others, then deep dive into Advanced Learning and Research.

Comprehensive. Intensive. Transformative. Universal.

Four levels, nine modules, 36 months.

What are the Akashic Records?

Not a book. Not a library. Not a thing to open.

For you, here, now, the Akashic Records are:

  • A process of deep soul-oriented spiritual study
  • An intentional experience of divine knowing
  • A connection with the universal mysteries, the roots of ancient wisdom, and as the foundation for future exploration
  • A spiritual practice of personal power

How can I learn to open the Akashic Records?

Workshops and seminars are great places to accumulate knowledge and technique.

However, typical teaching environments often fail the serious seeker to provide a container deep enough for transformation and the alchemy of transmutation.

Within the dispensing of know-how, personal power is not engage and shifted. . There’s not enough time, experience, or support.

Expansive personal growth occurs when inner blocks and resistance do not interfere with learning the roots of inner and outer wisdom. Engaging the best of self provides opportunities to trust the gifts of self-worth and self-truth.

To access the depths of the Akashic Records, you need a learning process which:

  • Transcends limitation
  • Harnesses your inherent ability to integrate understanding
  • Expands your personal mastery on all levels, body, mind, heart, and soul.

In other words, it’s not enough to learn a technique to open the Akashic Records – you also need time and support to incorporate the process and the connection into the core of who you are.

To truly learn about and experience the incredible depths of the Akashic Records, you need a learning environment capable of providing you safe, sacred space to learn and experience with your personal power fully engaged and activated.

After teaching the Akashic Records for over two decades, I’ve seen that the deepest, most meaningful engagement cannot happen in a two-hour workshop or a one-day class.

Instead, you need a program focused across time on your process of learning. It’s critical that the process makes space to help you release whatever resistance may arise as you explore and clear those blockages.

The result is you empowered to connect both with the depths of self and with the depths of the Akashic Records.

What do I need to learn to connect with the Akashic Records?

First, you need a clear opening protocol.

You need on-going experience and practice.

You need support from a master guide.

You need time to move at your own pace.

Most importantly: You need to recognize your ZENITH!

Your Zenith is your highest point of alignment and resonance.

At Zenith, you are connected to your best self.

At Zenith, you live within personal power that is fully integrated physically and spiritually, body, mind, heart, and soul.

Moving towards Zenith, you realize you aren’t trying to get to a place where life is done.

Instead, you are beginning to recognize and release what holds you back from being your best self. What holds you back from experiencing joy and delight. What holds you back from the present moment experience of balance and alignment.

And even though Zenith is always in motion, you accept the challenge to learn the internal process of experiencing Zenith in each moment of your life.

How do I reach my Zenith with the Akashic Records?

Everyone’s journey to Zenith is unique, personal, powerful.

Yet with support everyone can learn their own process.

You can learn to observe personal blocks and erroneous notions.

You can learn to identify inner motivation and desire to confidently choose next steps.

You can incorporate process and technique to find your unique path of mastery.

Instead of short-term workshops, I offer a 36-month program where finding your Zenith is the foundation of the entire program. ZENITH offers you a roadmap to connect with and get the most from your work in the Akashic Records.

And, if you choose, ZENITH provides the most intensive and comprehensive foundation for Akashic Records Professional Reader Certification.



Based on 25 years of experience helping thousands learn about the unique understanding of I have about the nature, history, and energetics of the Akashic Records.


All learning is focused on your personal growth and releasing whatever no longer serves you. A path of transformation. A path of integration, body, mind, heart, and soul.


An interaction with the known, the unknown, and the unknowable. New worlds. Deep mysteries. Ancient wisdom. Your heart and your soul.


ZENITH is like a doctoral level study program of the Akashic Records. This program combines self-initiated study and online course material with in-person, group Master Classes and optional Private Study with me, all of which guide to connect with the Akashic Records at the deepest levels possible.

ZENITH has these objectives:

Comprehensive learning experience of the nature and connection with the Akashic Records at the deepest levels possible.

A process for expansive personal growth and transformation which engages you within the balance and depth of your personal power.

Exploration with the Akashic Records of universal mysteries, divine knowing, and the infinite dynamics of soul energy wisdom.

Yes, you will learn how to open your Akashic Records in Level One.

Yes, you will learn the process and ethics of accessing the Akashic Records for other people in Level Two.

And, yes, you will learn to open the Akashic Records for all flows of energy including mountains, businesses, houses, pets, sacred sites, gemstones, plus aspects of divine assistance within the Akashic Records, and much more.

But this is just the beginning of your journey – just the primary initiation, skills, and techniques needed to explore the depths of you and the universe within connection to the Akashic Records.

In fact, the majority of ZENITH takes you beyond these foundational skills and into advanced learning and research in the Akashic Records through Level Three and Level Four.

Is ZENITH your Deep Road into the Akashic Records?

Prospective students see that there are several active teachers in the Akashic Records field. Finding the right teacher to study with can be a journey in itself. Whose approach resonates with you? How do you want to work with the Records? How do you see the world? What community do you want to join?

Students who migrate to my classes and stay with me studying for months or years tend to have a few things in common:

You’re a serious spiritual seeker.

You love to explore and understand the inherent contrasts and ambiguities of life.

You’ve tried other paths of learning, or perhaps even studied with other Akashic Records teachers, and you are still searching for more. You hear or feel a call to go deeper and go beyond.

You’re ready to do your hard work, tackling topics like fear, self-worth, and standing in the power of personal truth.

You want to learn to connect with the Records for yourself, for other people, and other flows of energy including rivers, pets, sacred places, businesses and more.

You recognize that today’s fast-changing world is demanding that you show up in new ways and develop tools to help you thrive in the face of global power shifts.

You’re willing to push the boundaries of how the Akashic Records are commonly perceived.

You seek deep spiritual experiences which can transform your life, your view of the world, and how you interact with the Akashic Records.

That said, if the above doesn’t describe you perfectly, don’t worry. You were led here for a reason and there’s always room for willing students in ZENITH.

I’m honored and delighted that you’re considering learning with me.

Truly – it’s the journey, the process, the challenge-accepted which draws us together.

Here are the three intentions I have for you as you embark on a learning journey with me:


Create and build a personally impactful understanding and experience of the Akashic Records.

This is you within the Akashic Records.

This means moving beyond yesterday’s metaphors into a deep understanding of the soul’s perspective of the Akashic Records as a flow of divine knowing and a personal process of release and new, deeper understanding.


Within this expansion, experience the Akashic Records not as a thing to open but a process which engages and integrates body, mind, heart, and soul.

This is you within your soul’s spiritual practice.

This is possible because of understanding the Akashic Records from the energetic perspective of Soul Energy Dynamics and opens the door to the Deep Road of your spiritual journey.


Move beyond the limits of fear into an ability to trust self to hear personal truth, claim self-worth, and develop practical strategies to move beyond resistance which hides the depth of personal capacity and the strength of being.

This is you taking care of you.

This is possible within the alignment which naturally occurs as you begin to let go of the demand for certainty and begin to learn to be comfortable with the unknown and the unexpected.

The result is two-fold:

You learn how to engage with the Akashic Records as a source of knowing, healing, and spiritual practice.

Everything learned in your Akashic Records studies folds back into all of your life, integrating spiritual self with daily life, empowering you to live your dreams, and meet the opportunities of your future with joy and delight.

You may live your same life, but life will never be the same again!

How is ZENITH organized?

ZENITH is organized in a series of none 4-month modules completed in order Level One through Level Four.


First, you must apply – students are accepted based on submitting an application and completing an interview to determine that we are a good fit. Standard entry months are January, May, and September — though entry can be at other times when space is available.

In the application interview, if I can accept you, I will work out a plan of study and when yo9u will enter each level of ZENITH.

Level One – First Module

  • Once you are accepted, you begin with Level One: How to Open Your Akashic Records. This is your first step into connection with the Akashic Records as you learn the Agreements and process to open for yourself.
  • ZENITH includes a 60-minute Private Study workshop with me where I will work with you one-on-one to learning the opening process for your Records.
  • At Level One, you begin monthly participation in Akashic Records Monthly Seminar.

Level Two – Second Module

Level Three – Four Modules

Level Four – Three Modules

  • To move onto Level Four Akashic Origins requires Successful Completion of Level Three
  • Study within Level Four Akashic Origins is three 4-month modules in twelve months.

For All Levels

  • Each level includes course material provided on my private student learning portal on this website. The material includes reading assignments, instructional videos, audio recordings, expansion paths for deeper study, affirmations for every topic, and Akashic Records question sets for both individual, partner, and group practice.
  • ZENITH learning relies on my two primary Akashic Records texts: The Akashic Records Masterclass (which is a compilation of six of my Akashic Records books) and The New Akashic Records plus additional material written by me specifically for students. All ZENITH students receive free digital copies of both books and all reading materials.
  • Akashic Records Seminar is a monthly gathering for all students at all levels. Plus there are masterclasses specifically for Level Three. Questions answered, blocks released, new topics explored — within the support of a global community of students.
  • All classes are provided through Zoom. For those unable to attend in-person, recordings of the are available in the Student Archive.
  • The Events Calendar shows all scheduled class dates. No matter what module you are concentrated on, there is always a monthly or bi-monthly Master Class where you may ask me questions and request assistance.

How long does it take to get through ZENITH?

Short Answer: approximately 36 months for Levels One, Two, Three, and Four.

Longer Answer: Generally, most students need at least four months each for learning the basics of opening for self in Level One and for opening for Other in Level Two

Level Three is 16 months and Level Four is 12 months.

Level Three and Level Four can only be entered at the beginning of a module which happens in January, May or September.

Because learning is self-paced especially in Level One and Level Two, there is some flexibility to shift pace and timing. This means that Level One and Level Two can each be completed in less than four months.

When you are accepted, I will make a plan with you about the pace of your learning — which may be adjusted as you go.

Certificate of Successful Completion

To those students who complete all requirements for Successful Completion, I present a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Those students who make the efforts to receive Certificates at all four levels of ZENITH become eligible to apply and study for Akashic Records Professional Reader Certification.

These are the requirements for Successful Completion at each level of ZENITH.

Level One

  • Participation in Monthly Seminar
  • At least 90% accuracy on Level One Assessment
  • Level One Self-Inventory, submitted and approved
  • 100% completion of all online lessons
  • Reading & Participation Log

Level Two

  • Participation in Akashic Records Practice
  • Participation in Monthly Seminar
  • At least 90% accuracy on Level Two Assessment
  • Level Two Self-Inventory, submitted and approved
  • 100% completion of all online lessons
  • Reading & Participation Log
  • When timing is right, completion of Clarity Protocol

Level Three

  • Participation in bi-monthly Master Class in four modules, one each in Personal Power Mastery, Divine Assistance and Non-Human Energy, Soul Energy Dynamics, and Healing in the Akashic Records.
  • At least 90% accuracy on The World’s Toughest Akashic Records Test: 100 true/false, 50 multiple choice, and 25 short answer questions.
  • 100% completion of all online lessons in all 4 modules
  • Self-Inventory for each module, submitted and approved
  • Reading & Participation Log
  • Clarity Protocol if not done at Level Two

Level Four

  • Participation in bi-monthly Master Class in three modules,
  • Research Report, submitted and approved for each module
  • Participation in Akashic Records Practice
  • Participation in Monthly Seminar
  • Reading & Participation Log

What is the Tuition for ZENITH?

There are two formats for ZENITH. You choose one when you apply.

ZENITH Essential

$100 a month
for the length of your study
Levels One through Four

  • Online Lessons, Books, Master Classes, Seminars, Akashic Records Practice as described above
  • Personal Plan of Study
  • Student Discounts for additional Private Study and Akashic Record Readings with Cheryl
  • Scholarships available

Payment Option:
One time payment of $3400 (includes 5% discount)

ZENITH Intensive

$275 a month
for the length of your study
Levels One through Four

Everything in ZENITH Essential


Private Study, 60 minutes,
with Cheryl each month of study

Payment Option:
One time payment of $9400 (includes 5% discount)

What Students Say About Cheryl

“One website click to Cheryl Marlene‘s Akashic Records site and she changed the direction of my life!”

“When I decided to learn how to read the Akashic Records, the Universe immediately led me to Cheryl‘s website.  I booked an initial reading with her and her reading literally changed the direction of my life!

Wanting more, I signed up for her classes and I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied!  It is clear that working with the Akashic Records is her life‘s work. Her training program and curriculum is comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

But the most important part for me is the level of integrity that permeates her work, the protocols she has in place to follow, and the level of accuracy I receive when I enter the realm of the Akashic Records.

Oh, and did I mention the one-on-one training with Cheryl and her quick response to my questions and concerns? She is always only a click away.

I’ve taken a few online courses and this is by far the best course I have taken.

Cheryl‘s commitment to her work and her students is unparalleled.  She’s a true gem and I highly recommend her!“

S. L., Ohio, USA

How do I know if ZENITH is the right path for me?

Short Answer:

Even though you might feel nervous, anxious that you won’t be able to access or succeed — you feel or hear an inner call to connect at the deepest levels with yourself and with the Akashic Records. You feel. You know. This is it!

Longer Answer:

To learn the process of connection, all you need to do is get my book The Akashic Records Masterclass and follow the lessons. In fact, I will encourage you to look – maybe that’s all you need.

However, ZENITH is exactly for the person who knows/sees/feels that it’s not enough to read a book to get to the deeper layers.

You know you need more. Guidance when you hit a rough patch. Support when resistance rears its snarky head.

You want to work with me in-person.

You want to connect with a global community of serious spiritual seekers like yourself.

You are ready to tear down your wall of inner resistance to trust, truth, and the best of your being and becoming.

You love a challenge.

How do I apply for ZENITH?

1. Read this article I have created for prospective students: Akashic Records: A New View.

2. Learn about the different modules and components of learning within ZENITH:

3. Read the articles in the Curated Collections.

4. Read my Client Information and Terms of Service page — participation in the Intensive indicates to me your knowledge and willingness to abide by these Agreements.

5. Look at the application below and consider how you will respond.

6. If you have questions or concerns, schedule a 15-minute prospective student conversation with me using this no-charge link.

7. Ask yourself, “Is now the time for me to join ZENITH? Why?”

8. If YES, then complete and submit your application.

9. I will review your application and schedule a time for us to have a 15-minute conversation. If there is a fit, I will accept you into ZENITH and get you going.


Entry into ZENITH is in March, July, and October. Entry is possible at other times on a space-available basis.

To apply for ZENITH, please complete and submit this application. After submission, you will find a scheduling link for a 15-minute conversation with me to discuss your application.

Looking forward to connecting!

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