Soul Energy Dynamics

Very early in my experience of opening the Akashic Records, I began to learn a very unique perspective about how to understand how the Akashic Records work.

This perspective began with a soul perspective which explains the Akashic Records in a very different way than the now outdated understanding of heavenly book and library.

I call this perspective Soul Energy Dynamics.

Here I offer a short, introductory primer to explain the understanding which greatly shifted and deepened my experience in the Akashic Records.

To understand the breadth and depth of the Akashic Records, the beginning is always:

Everything is Energy.

All energy exists on a continuum from potential to form.

Energy is eternal and infinite, both source and substance, seen and unseen, known and unknowable.

Every entity and event emerges first as energy: chairs, rocks, people, light, emotion.

All we know, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is made in some fashion of energy.

We are energy.

Energy is the foundation of our boundless universe.

Everything is Energy.

In the physical sense, energy is the capacity for motion and the possibility of transferring motion.

From a spiritual perspective, energy is the infinite movement of the transcendent awareness present in all. As divine spark, energy is motion within and without.

The Akashic Records are also formed of energy and flow within this infinite and eternal realm.

Understanding energy is the first step while energy will, in return, support every step of your journey in the Akashic Records.

Attempts are made to understand the Akashic Records without energy, but that is like trying to explain the ocean without understanding the nature and power of water.

To understand the Akashic Records exploration of the fundamentals of energy is the beginning.

Then it is easier to understand how the Akashic Records flows within and utilizes the natural characteristics and abilities of energy.

Energy may be considered from multiple points of view:

  1. Energy flows on a continuum from potential to form.
  2. Energy has three characteristics.
  3. Energy is either wave or particle.
  4. Energy flows within two arenas of experience.
  5. Energy as static or dynamic.
  6. Energy’s movement is resonance.
  7. Spiritual becomes physical through the interaction of three Co-Creative Universal Forces.
  8. The energy of the Akashic Records is accessed at the Soul Point.

Click on each link to read a summary of each perspective point.

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