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Illuminating Souls, one Heart at a Time!

Cheryl Marlene

Cheryl Marlene

Hi! I am Cheryl Marlene . . . .

For over 20 years I have been an Spiritual Guide in and beyond the Akashic Records. I offer a broad range of personalized Akashic Record Readings and the most in-depth, hands-on training available in the Akashic Records today.

We all seek Light . . . . Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
And we all sometimes have trouble finding and trusting in the truth of our light!

I found the light of my truth in the spiritual practice of the Akashic Records.

It was not a quick-fix nor a simple solution.

Recognizing my truth and learning to trust myself required that I face some hard truths and release many out-dated beliefs about myself and my life.

In the process, I learned that there is opportunity for deep learning in the Akashic Records which I realized most other methods of accessing the Akashic Records miss.

And I have realized that my life is also moving beyond into the deepest expressions of soul truth and personal trust.

It’s become my life’s passion to share this depth because I have seen how it has helped so many find their light and learn to trust the deepest essence of who they are and can become, body, mind, heart and soul.

Join me!  Here on the mountain top where the vista beyond is ready for the deep dive and deeper conversation.  You may live the same life, yet this life will never be the same again.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records offer a sacred, soul connection.

Because the energetic depths of the Akashic Records offers a view from the origin of your soul, you move from the limits of the static, linear black and white view into a dynamic awareness of the infinite and eternal possibilities of this moment.

Connection with your Akashic Records also provides the support to create a firm foundation from which you learn to trust yourself to find your own truth. The experience of trust helps you feel a balance within that radiates outwards as balance with all. This integration of truth and balance helps you find the deep awareness of wholeness of self and of soul with source.

The sacred nature of this connection also provides a bridge to the indescribable boundlessness of the divine. In awe of All That IS, with the Akashic Records you may experience the entire continuum of universal energy from self and soul to divine source.

Reaching this deep within you shifts everything in your life. You release limiting beliefs and the pain and anger of trauma, blame and fear. You let go of whatever no longer serves you now.

Simply said, the Akashic Records are your soul’s spiritual practice.

A practice you can experience in three ways:

Akashic Record Reading: this is your first step. I open your Akashic Records for you, creating sacred space for you to seek support, ask questions, and let go of whatever stands in your way.

Opening Your Own Akashic Records: In this step, you walk through the open door of your soul. Learning to open the Akashic Records for yourself is an act of self empowerment and an act of embracing sacred shift with respectful acceptance of your own divine nature.

Opening the Akashic Records for Other: This step moves you into an integration process of you with the Whole. Whether you ever hang your shingle as an Akashic Record Reader, opening the Akashic Records for Other is an act of integration of your sacred nature within the infinite and eternal nature of All That Is. This step completes the foundation needed for advanced study and research within the Akashic Records.

How Do We Work Together?


Intelligent. Thoughtful. Interested in your world.

Seeking powerful opportunity for personal growth and expansion.

Willing to make the extra effort to take your next step in this amazing life you are wanting to explore.

And ready to find the deeper road for your journey.

And …. maybe feeling stuck. Holding old stuff you are ready to let go.  Ready to learn and understand.

Not wanting to go it alone. Looking for direct, personal support. A teacher. A community.

A place where you do not feel alone on your journey.


Like you: Smart. Thoughtful. An explorer and a traveler.

Living an amazing life full of joy and challenge, always learning, sharing and loving.

Ready to offer you a safe, comfortable place to release, let go and dig deeper.

I make no promises with fairy tale outcomes.

Instead I promise to hold space for you to discover your truth and let go of whatever no longer serves the best of who you are and can become.

No sugar coating. Just real talk with compassion, integrity, and deep awareness of your soul’s capacity.


Because I help people like You explore life from the soul’s point of view.

Because I have explored the hidden corners of myself and I know how to help you do the same.

Life is a journey greatly improved by company.

For you, I’m a bridge, a fellow traveler, and a friendly soul guide.

Together you find support to let go of whatever troubles you and explore the amazing possibilities of your wonderful life!

Together — What Can Happen?

If you are like me, you have found that self-help and traditional religions don’t make it easier to really understand yourself spiritually. That’s why as a Spiritual Guide, I provide extensive information and supportive services which help you figure out how to let go of whatever stands in your way and move in the direction of your soul’s deepest truth.

I don’t offer spiritual shortcuts and I don’t tolerate dishonesty. I am relentless in my willingness to look into the unknown for you and with you.

In our relationship, I will show up with all of me and stand open to the flow of joy, truth, and balance available within me and within you. I endeavor always to recognize what truth is right now and persevere in helping you let go of what no longer serves you. I promise to support you in your journey to understand your Truth and ask that you bring your open heart and mind to experience your personal growth and expansion.

Fear, doubt, expectations, and judgements are gifts from the unknown. Instead of ignoring them, I value their ambiguity and complexity as opportunities to explore and understand. I willingly travel the difficult path, looking below the surface into the unknown. Together we can build bridges through the difficult so that in your journey you may find the rewards of personal strength, awareness, and illumination.

For me, my biggest reward so far has been to find longer and longer periods of inner peace and wonderful, overlapping moments of pure joy! Every day I learn more about truth and my point of balance. With the willingness to take at least one small step, many of my clients have had similar experiences, gaining insight, embracing healing, moving beyond everyday struggle.

We are all fellow travelers looking to integrate truth and balance within the rough edges of self. I would love to journey with you for a while, standing witness to your struggles and challenges, to your peace and joy, to your understanding and your becoming who you truly are!

Here’s a short video about the Akashic Records:

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How Can You Get Started?

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In Joy!


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