Welcome! I am Cheryl Marlene,

Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records
Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Mystic, Futurist, and Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records.

I am passionate about the journey and the deep road.

From childhood, I have always loved to travel and was fortunate to visit many countries. Everywhere I went, I was struck by the ease of meeting people with different experience from mine, and, yet, we shared similar hopes and dreams for our lives.

In my 20s and 30s, the journey began to consciously include my inner landscape and my willingness to get real and to let go of old habits and limiting beliefs. That’s when I found the deep road into clarity about my truth and power-within and the steps necessary to do the hard work of learning to trust and believe in myself.

Learning to access the Akashic Records brought my path into a place where I found courage and support to walk with awe within the mystical nature of our amazing world. Ever since it’s been my honor and joy to act as guide and witness as others make their journey down their deep road.

For us both, a journey of deep insight today to ignite vision for tomorrow!

That’s why I’m here ready to hold safe space for you to do your work and, if you choose, to connect with the Akashic Records.

This is what I do because I’m an expert at getting to the bottom of an issue — illuminating the oft-missed and most beneficial perspectives of your journey.

Whether as a client or a student, this process offers you space to let go of blocks and limitations, pain and trauma, and outdated beliefs and self-judgments.

The opportunity in work with me is to find trust in self to choose transformative life and claim your power within.

Within the connection to personal power, we all have the intrinsic worth and capacity to release inner blocks, do the hard work to become clear, claim truth, and live within the power of essential self.

No longer constantly distracted by fear and disbelief, life is lived within balance, alignment, and inner peace.

Connecting with the resonance of your essential self, you can learn, grow, and expand, fully integrated and functional on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul.

I’ve been providing this support system for over 25 years – and much of my work incorporates the wisdom and deep insight of the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are the story of your soul.

Accessing this flow of divine knowing on your behalf offers you a perspective of life from the depth of your soul.

Ready to learn more about you and your life?
Need a path to explore your challenges and opportunities?
Ready to let go and move on?

Connect with Cheryl Marlene

Connect with Me One-on-One ….

One-on-one sessions with me through Akashic Records Readings. Release inner blocks, face external challenge, and explore connection with your essential self and your soul’s deepest expression.

I also offer a special program for the Futuristic Leader in Akashic Future Executive Consult, plus special, in-depth personal Readings: Soul Vision and Worthy of Love.

For the those struggling to connect with the knowledge needed to finish a project (strategic plan, marketing campaign, book, screenplay, etc.), uncover a mystery, fix a broken or ransomed computer system, or seek an answer to what seems unanswerable, perhaps an Akashic Records Research Project with me will help.

Learn to Access the Akashic Records and more …

When you are ready to learn to access the depths of the Akashic Records, ZENITH is the program for the student who wants comprehensive, intensive, transformative, and universal.

Quick-Start Workshop is for those wanting to test the waters through personal access with the Akashic Records.

Learn with Cheryl Marlene
Explore with Cheryl Marlene

Explore the Universal Mysteries …

Akashic Mystic Library is a transformational dialogue between you and me and opens the door to membership to a library of my private writing and unpublished work.

Also are my published books, my current writing, and Q&A with the Founders of the Akashic Records.

Here’s How I Like to Work!

I’m not gonna sell you a quick fix that immediately delivers you to Happy Land. Instead, here’s where I show up fully, respond directly and honestly, and I do not play games.

Just like me, the journey of your life can find its deep promise if you’re willing to do your inner work. If you are willing to be honest, take on self-responsibility, and let go whatever doesn’t work for you.

If you’re willing, I’m able to assist you to understand why you feel what you feel. Help you uncover the hold-backs, and make your way through whatever feels ambiguous, overwhelming, or defeating.

If you’re willing, I won’t hold your hand, but I will walk beside you responding to your questions and assisting you to jettison the burden, the fear, the blame, and whatever else is ready to go.

When you learn to develop self-trust and exercise personal choice, you shift your world away from the crazy, the fake, and the robotic.

You move from react to respond, from hopeless to inspired, from unreal to authentic.

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to witness thousands as they choose transformative life for themselves.

All that I say and do is based on my own journey of inner work, personal growth and being the willing witness for so many.

Whatever you choose, whatever step you take, please know you can transform your life and integrate the essential you into your everyday life..

You can respond to fear as a gift for transformative life.

You can shift I’m-no-good into I Believe in Me!

You can trust yourself to hear and follow your truth.

You’re capable, worthy, and lovable.

You are not alone.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always!

In Joy!
Cheryl Marlene

PS — Here’s my bio and what it means for me to be Akashic Mystic. Plus, you can find my current published books or on my Amazon Author Page. Plus, you may connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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