Welcome! I am Cheryl Marlene,

Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records
Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Mystic, Futurist, and Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records.

I’m here to hold safe space for you to do your work and, if you choose, to connect with the Akashic Records.

This is what I do because I’m an expert at getting to the bottom of an issue, assisting people to let go of blocks and limitations, and supporting all who ask find self-trust to choose transformative life.

I have learned firsthand that within the balance of personal power, we all have the intrinsic worth and capacity to release inner blocks and meet external challenge and global shift with balance, alignment, and inner peace.

Within the resonance of your essential self, you can learn, grow, and expand, fully integrated and functional on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul.

I’ve been providing this support system for 25 years – and much of my work incorporates the wisdom and deep insight of the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are the story of your soul.

Accessing this flow of divine knowing on your behalf offers you a perspective of life from the depth of your soul.

From this depth, I see folks searching primarily for:

Personal Power:

How do I live my best life?

Personal Power is the ability to be present to and believe and trust self, exercise responsibility and choice, and respond to life as the amazing worthy person that you are.

Essential Self:

Who am I?

In awareness of your Essential Self, personal growth peels back the layers of blocking awareness of your fundamental true essence, where truth, trust, and personal power reside.


How do I connect with My Truth?

Living within the personal power of your essential self, life becomes focused on your inner awareness of balance, authenticity, and possibility. You feel harmony, trust self to connect with personal truth, and have learned to find within that which serves you in this moment.

This personal search is possible when folks are willing and eager to do their personal work, learn new approaches, and develop deeper perspectives.

I offer three ways to connect and learn with me:

Akashic Record Readings

One-on-one sessions with me to release inner blocks, face external challenge and global shift, and explore connection with your essential self and your soul’s deepest expression.

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Personal power mastery through the Akashic Records and beyond.

Learn powerful connection with the Akashic Records.

Comprehensive. Intensive. Transformative. Universal.

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Lots of Books

Not just how-to!

Deep, engaging material to help you do your work, claim personal power, and connect with the Akashic Records.

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Here's what else is good to know about me Cheryl Marlene

Here’s what else is good to know about Me!

I’m not gonna sell you a quick fix that immediately delivers you to Happy Land.

Instead, here’s where the rubber meets the road.

The journey of your life can find its deep promise if you’re willing to do your inner work.

If you’re willing, I’m able to assist you to understand why you feel what you feel.

If you’re willing, I won’t hold your hand, but I will walk beside you responding to your questions and assisting you to jettison the burden, the fear, the blame, and whatever else is ready to go.

Together, learning to develop self-trust and exercise personal choice, we shift our world away from the crazy, the fake, and the robotic.

Together we move from react to respond, from hopeless to inspired, from unreal to authentic.

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to witness 1000s as they choose transformative life for themselves.

All that I say and do is based on my own journey of personal growth and being the willing witness for so many.

Whatever you choose, whatever step you take, please know you can live with change.

You can respond to fear as a gift for transformative life.

You can trust yourself to hear and follow your truth.

You’re capable, worthy, and lovable.

You are not alone.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always!

In Joy!
Cheryl Marlene

Where to begin to learn more about me, Cheryl Marlene,

or the Akashic Records?

There is is a lot of information on my website. The menu at the top of the page directs you to learn more about my services especially Akashic Records Readings, advanced learning in the Akashic Records by joining ZENITH, and my books.

To make it through the 400+ articles in my blog, I have organized everything through the basic questions I receive from those just beginning either with me, working with a spiritual guide, or with the Akashic Records:

If you would like to know more about me, visit my about page.

Plus, you can find my books on my Amazon Author Page or connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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