Welcome! I am Cheryl Marlene.

Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records
Cheryl Marlene

I am a Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records.

I’m an expert at getting to the bottom of an issue, assisting people to let go of blocks and limitations, and supporting all who ask to find confidence to trust and choose transformative life.

My goal is to assist you in growing your life to be integrated and functional on all levels body, mind, heart and soul.

All of my work incorporates the wisdom and deep insight of the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are the story of your soul.

Accessing this flow of divine knowing on your behalf offers you a perspective of life from the depth of your soul.

Every day, I work with people who feel like the world is coming apart, are experiencing rapid change, or face challenges on all fronts – alone.

They feel exhausted – frustrated, hopeless, and stuck.

They question themselves because it can be hard to tell what is truth and what is fake.

These are smart, productive people – they love their lives but are challenged to figure out how to get by the irrational and the less-than-honest.

Here’s the thing: change is constant.

The change we are all in the middle of is overwhelming — and filled with the possibilities needed to fuel personal growth and transformation.

The craziness in our world is good at dishing out blame and fear.

Blame tries to deny responsibility.

Fear intimidates and undercuts trust.

Worst of all, blame pulls us into the past and fear pushes us into the future.

The result: reaction.

No wonder we feel like we live in crazy land.

Divided and reacting, it’s a major struggle to respond and to make thoughtful life choices.

Most importantly, within reaction, you will feel like you can’t trust yourself to figure out what is true for you.

However — all you have to do is take one step.

Not a big step or a complicated step.

Your step can be a pause to break the pattern.

Your step can be a deep breath to give yourself room to observe.

Your step can be a decision to try something different.

Knowing the exact outcome is not necessary to pause, to breath, to choose – to take one step.

One step moves you out of reaction, erases the ingrained fear of missing out, and dumps craziness and blame from your life.

Here’s a place to begin … ask yourself:
WHY do I feel what I feel about my life?

In asking “Why?” you are turning your attention to what is going on inside of you.

To transform your life, to benefit from experience, and to choose personal growth, your focus needs to be on what’s happening within you.

Looking inside to your why is where your life truly begins.

The hard part is that this step brings you face to face with inner stuff that’s raw, uncomfortable, and real.

Pain. Trauma. Anger. Confusion. Disappointment. All the ways life – and you – have let you down.

Know that anger can be transformed, trauma can be released, and disappointment can point life in a new direction.

The fuel for a life of growth and transformation is held in the raw, the tough, and the real of your life.

Being beat down by the craziness out there and feeling like there is no opportunity for clarity and inner peace is not life.

Reacting, blaming, and being fearful is robotic life – not deep, powerful, transformative human life.

With this one step you have brought yourself to the place of choice for yourself:

Do you turn and run away from yourself?

Do you respond, ready to do your inner work to grow and transform?

I’m not going to sell you a quick fix that immediately delivers you to happy land.

Instead, here’s where the rubber meets the road: the journey of your life can find its deep promise IF you are willing to do your inner work.

If you are willing, I am able to assist you to understand WHY you feel what you feel.

If you are willing, I won’t hold your hand – but I will walk beside you responding to your questions and assisting you to jettison the crazy, the fear, the blame, and whatever else is ready to go.

Together, learning to develop self-trust and exercise personal choice, we shift our world away from crazy, fake robot life.

Together we move from react to respond, from hopeless to inspired, from unreal to authentic.

Through the clarity of the Akashic Records, let me assist you in digging into why and to finding your course correction toward growth and transformation.

Akashic Record Reading:

You bring your questions and concerns.

I will look into the wisdom of the Akashic Records for you.

Together we make an honest assessment of what works for you, what’s ready to let go, and how to best manage change and choice in your life.

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Akashic Records Masterclass Courses:

When you’re ready, I will support your learning to open the Akashic Records first for yourself and then for Others.

Trust, truth, and worthiness are the essence of the foundation you will create for yourself in this powerful journey.

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Over twenty years I have had the good fortune to witness thousands as they choose transformative life for themselves.

All that I say and do is based on my own journey of personal growth and being the willing witness for so many.

Whatever you choose, whatever step you take, please know:

You can live with change.

You can respond to fear as a gift for transformative life.

You are capable, worthy, and lovable.

You can trust yourself to hear and follow your truth.

You are not alone.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always.

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