Client Information

This client information and Terms of Service apply to all interactions with Cheryl. Any questions may be addressed to Cheryl using this contact form.

Terms of Service:

  • Commitments for All Services & Workshops
  • Refund Policy and Financial Agreements
  • Appointments: Responsibilities, Agreements & Expectations
  • Workshop & Community Agreements
  • Mediation Protocol

Welcome! I am a Spiritual Guide working with the Akashic Records. To make the most of our time together, I want you to know the following about my work:

The Akashic Records are the energetic record of your soul’s journey through the space and time of the universe. In a Reading, I connect with the origin point of your soul using a conscious process in which I remain fully present. The Reading proceeds from your questions and the issues you raise.  I will convey all the information and energy that I receive on your behalf to you, holding nothing back. I only open your Akashic Record with your permission and only when you ask. The intent of the Akashic Records is to always respond in accord with and in support of your highest expression.

During the Reading I may be guided to incorporate Reiki, energetic healing, Shamanic vision and journey, plant spirit medicine and gemstone therapy with the healing energies available from the Records and will only do so with your conscious agreement.

An Akashic Record Reading responds to the depth of your intent even if you do not verbally express it. Your willingness to be open and accept responsibility for your life allows the Reading to respond at the deepest levels possible.

An Akashic Record Reading may offered at your request either in a private, one-on-one setting or within a workshop or event.  I never offer a Reading except when asked.

Terms of Service

Of extreme importance to me is clarity about the terms under which I offer all my services and workshops.  The following covers everything that I can think of or have encountered and will govern taking care of anything which is not directly described below.  If you ever have questions or need clarity, please contact me.

Agreements for All Services & Workshops

The following applies to all clients and students who engage in any one-on-one services, workshop and events, or any exchange with Cheryl.  

1. Use Your Common Sense:

In our work together, whether an Akashic Record Reading, workshop or other exchange, the most important thing for you to do is use your common sense. This is not about me telling you what to do in your life. You receive from the deep knowing of your soul the information and energy you need to make your own life decisions based on what you know to be true about yourself. If something doesn’t make sense, please ask for clarification. If it still doesn’t make sense or it seems like something you don’t agree with, know that it may make sense in the future or it is possible that the lack of clarity may be exactly what you need to help you find your best path.

2. Our Work Together is Spiritual:

I am neither a licensed counselor nor a physician. I provide my services and workshops in support of your spiritual development. Nothing said in a Reading, workshop or other service should be taken as a reason or excuse to avoid appropriate medical or psychological treatment.  Because I see exchange and experience with the Akashic Records as spiritual in nature, all services and workshops I offer are done as a supplement or an addition to whatever treatment or other study you are currently receiving or may seek in the future.

3. Commitment to Confidentiality:

I will not disclose the content of your Reading to anyone (unless required by law). I will also not even admit to a third party that you have had an appointment with me or participate in one of my workshops or other services. If you disclose the content of your Reading or learning to a third party, you are responsible for any effects this disclosure may have. I am not responsible for your disclosure.

Refund Policy & Financial Agreements

For Readings and all one-on-one work: there are no refunds including for late starts, no-shows, appointments with unused time, or once a session has been received by the client. For cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, there are no refunds.

For Digital Products: There are no returns on digital products. All sales are final.

Refunds (if applicable) for Workshops and Events: Unless otherwise stated, 50% of any fee for a workshop or event is considered a non-refundable deposit. When circumstance prevent beginning in a workshop or event, if notice is received by phone or email 30 days in advance of the first scheduled time, a refund less the non-refundable deposit is available. There will be no refunds for cancellations with less than 30 days notice or no-shows.

Financial Agreements: if you agree to a payment plan, especially in the context of studying with me, then you are responsible for timely payment and communication as needed. If payment is not timely and especially in the case of no response to my inquiries, then I will suspend you from all class work and access to all class materials until such time you have brought your account into full payment and you have checked in with me about the consequences to you and me for your non-payment. Bottomline: there are consequences to us both when you do not keep your agreements with me.


Responsibilities, Agreements & Expectations

When you schedule and pay for an appointment with me, I agree to hold the scheduled time just for you.  You agree to show up on time, as fully present as possible, and in an environment free of interruptions. You also agree to read and understand all the Client Information and Terms of Service I provide prior to your appointment and pay for your scheduled appointment as requested.

When I schedule an appointment with you I am agreeing to be on time, fully present, and provide a space that is conducive to the work we agree to do together. I will contact you as you request, record the Reading and provide a link to download the recording in an email after your appointment.

Appointments may be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance.  Payment is due upon booking.

You are also responsible for providing correct contact information including email address and phone number.  To connect for your session, we will use  If I am unable to contact you because of faulty information, you bear the responsible for the appointment as a No-Show or Missed Appointment as described below.

To Schedule An Appointment:

 At the top of every page ia BOOK NOW button which takes you to my online appointment calendar.  After you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email is the date and time of your appointment,  information about how to prepare for your Reading, links for cancelling or rescheduling, and a link to connect via for your appointment. Please keep this email for your records. Payment is made at the time of scheduling your appointment.


My current rates are provided on my Book Now page. Please contact me for rates for other Reading options including Readings for more than one person, for a business, or for language translation.


Payment is made at the time of scheduling your appointment. I accept most major credit cards, and bank transfer/ACH/direct debit. With established clients and prior approval, I accept checks. Returned check fee is $100.

Appointment Length

An Akashic Record Reading is usually one hour long and no less than 30 minutes. When you schedule you may choose any length you desire between 30 and 120 minutes. The minimum appointment length for an in-person Reading is 60 minutes.

Rescheduling Appointments

To reschedule your appointment, please either use the link provided in the confirmation email or send email to me. Rescheduling requests are accepted up to 48 hours before your appointment time.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as you know and at least 48 hours in advance by either email or by using the link in the email you received when you scheduled. There are no refunds for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Late Starts

If you know you will be more than 5 minutes late to your appointment, please let me know as soon as you can. Please remember a late start shortens the time we have together but does not relieve you of the responsibility for full payment of the time you have scheduled. Also know that if I cannot connect with you, I will try again in five minutes. Unable to connect a second time the appointment is considered missed as a no-show — see below.

No Shows & Missed Appointments

For any appointments, I will wait up until 10 minutes for you to connect.  If you do not connect within 10 minutes, the appointment is considered missed as a no-show. There are no refunds for no-shows or missed appointments.

Workshop & Community Agreements

I offer all studies and events within the following agreements.  I ask you to read these agreements before participating.  Please know your participation signals your agreement and willingness to abide as set forth here. I also highly recommend that you read My Responsibilities as a Spiritual Guide.

My intention as a teacher:

To support a community of learners at the leading edge of study in the Akashic Records and beyond.

Guided by the Five Principles of Community: Truth, Intention, Integrity, Vulnerability and Joy.

To Honor means to hold in high regard without demands for change or meeting unspoken requirements or expectations.  To offer respect and reverence.

Confidentiality recognizes who is responsible for the act of disclosure.  You are responsible for yours and only yours, and for no one else.

As the teacher and person in charge, one of my responsibilities is the balance between the needs of the community, the needs of the individual, and the highest expression of all who study with me.  As teacher, I am in a unique situation, often knowing more than either the individual or the group.  To achieve this balance, I will always attempt to conduct classes and events as I have agreed to do and notify all students of changes as they occur. However, sometimes, solely at my discretion, I may initiate other responses and activities as well without prior notification, all with the intention of balance, truth, and integrity for all concerned.

Be Present:

The motion of this moment is in this moment.  Being present is both bringing awareness to this moment and having awareness of being out of this moment.

Honor Self:

A process of extending high regard to self and noticing when this is not possible or compromised in some way.

Honor Other:

Recognize truth for self is not necessarily truth for Other.  To honor other is to create and hold space for Other’s truth to move forward openly and freely.  Your actions do not impede expression or engagement of either the singular or collective actions or motion of Other.

Honor Confidentiality:

Hold space for Other’s self-responsibility of disclosure.

Maintain Agreements:

By participating in any of my classes or events, as someone who has learned or is learning with me to open the Akashic Records, in any class-related activity:

Within Class & Events:

You agree to show up on time with material prepared, to submit assignments on time and as agreed, and to communicate with me when neither is possible for you.

You agree to keep track of class dates, assignment dates, class materials, Zoom links, and any other information related to your participation in one of my classes or events.

You agree to refer to my Events calendar for all class and event dates which are posted on the Events Calendar on my website. Please organize yourself in such a way that you know when classes will occur and refer to the Events Calendar to clarify any questions or concerns. Unless you think there is a typo or some other faulty information, I will not respond to question about dates and times. It’s on the Events Calendar — that’s the go to place for us all.

When necessary you agree to communicate about any difficulty in completing an assignment. Sometimes with the best of intentions, you try to complete the work and instead hit a block, a wall, a flood of resistance. Congratulations! This is what the assignment is for you. Please communicate the experience within the deadline and you have completed the assignment and maintained your agreements.

When you can’t attend a class, you agree to reply to the 24-hour-in-advance reminder email and let me know even if you have mentioned this before. I can’t remember from class to class about each person because I have too many students to keep track of that level of detail. Please help me remember.

You agree that you will log into Zoom at least five minutes before class is scheduled to begin. I begin classes on time and will not repeat whatever I have said before you join.

You agree to stay for the entire scheduled class and that you will have your video turned on for the duration so that we all can see your face. If you need to do something you don’t want anyone to see, then do it outside of class time.

You agree that as you are logging in, that you will take a deep breath and acknowledge within yourself anything that is nagging at your awareness, keeping you from full presence, or otherwise distracting you. With a second deep breath, please put that on your back burner to attend to after class unless there is a moment which is appropriate to bring forward. Or if you are so totally distracted, you agree to ask me at the beginning of class to help you either release or lay aside.

You agree to respect my space and not communicate with me in the thirty minutes prior to the beginning of class unless it is a matter of life or death or equally dire circumstances. I need to have my attention focused on conducting the class.

Workshop & Event Manuals, Books, Audio, Video & all Digital Materials

You agree to never share, sell, or otherwise disseminate any and all class materials to anyone. Class materials are for students only and their unauthorized dissemination is a direct violation of my legally asserted copyrights.

Working with Others

You agree to communicate with me in a timely manner if you feel uncomfortable with another student or you feel that someone has not kept to the Community Agreements, or offers services or products to you.

You agree to not share contact information or other details about your fellow students with anyone for any reason, at any time.

You agree to not include or offer any other type of energy or healing modality to me or any of your fellow students for any reason, at any time.

Agreements about the Akashic Records

You agree to maintain all Agreements related to accessing and opening the Akashic Records as I have shared with you.

You agree to use only this method that I have shared and not another method within any class or activity.

Keeping Agreements

You agree to seek to attend to and be responsible for the consequences of any unmet or broken agreements.

When you are not able to meet an agreement, you agree to communicate with me in as timely a manner as possible. I do not need to hear the reasons and excuses, especially if some other class you are involved with distracts you. What I want to hear from you is your willingness and ability to take responsibility for the consequences of not maintaining your agreement. Generally all that is needed is for you to say. “I will not meet the deadline, I expect to meet the agreement by this time and date. (or I cannot meet this agreement under any circumstances.) Are there any consequences to either me or you because of this?”

You agree that If I do not hear anything from you by a deadline, I will move forward without consideration for you in my planning process for the class you are registered. You agree that it is up to you to attend to the consequences of not communicating with me at whatever point you are able.

You agree that if you want to negotiate a different agreement with me about assignments either in general or for any specific assignment, it is your responsibility to communicate with me in a timely and respectful manner.

Finally, you agree that if anything is not clear in these Agreement or if there is a situation that arises that does not seem to be covered by these Agreements, you will communicate with me your awareness and work with me to resolve the issue or concern.

Mediation Protocol

Sometimes students, tutors, or teachers find themselves in dissonance with another student, tutor or teacher in such a way that the individuals on their own are not able to resolve. At these times, Cheryl steps forward to help those concerned discover a path to understanding and resolution.

If a student, tutor or teacher feels that another has broken the Community or Workshop Agreements, this person will contact Cheryl and ask for assistance. Cheryl has the responsibility to determine when the Mediation Protocol is appropriate and then initiate the process as described, naming participants to the Mediation Circle, and contacting all individuals involved. Cheryl appoints a community member to represent those involve in the mediation process.  The Mediation Circle will include those involved in the mediation, representatives, and Cheryl.

Before the Mediation Circle is opened, those entering mediation will ask these questions and keep responses private:

  1. What do I identify as the issue between me and ___?
  2. How did we get to this point?
  3. What is my responsibility?
  4. What is my intention towards ____ going forward?

Cheryl convenes the Mediation Circle and conducts the process of the circle using these questions.  Representative open the Akashic Records of whoever they represent.  For each question, representatives offer what is received through the Akashic Records, then those in mediation offer their perspectives.  Cheryl will also offer whatever she receives and a summary of all perspectives for each question.

  1. What is identified as the issue between the parties?
  2. What is at the core of the conflict, especially anything hidden, unvoiced or ignored?
  3. Where is the pain, anger or fear for each?
  4. What learning, gifts, understanding step forward because of this situation?
  5. What release work is possible for the parties involved to resolve the conflict? Cheryl directs the release work if agreed upon by those involved.
  6. How to move forward?

Cheryl summarizes all perspectives to move toward resolution and reconciliation between all parties.