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One-on-One Sessions with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Record Readings

An Akashic Record Reading allows you to take a deep dive into insights around key life issues.

Cheryl connects with your Akashic Records for deep insight and soul-level guidance.


Personal Power Intensive with Cheryl Marlene

Spiritual Deep Dive Workshops

Tools, Techniques, & Know-How for Empowered Life.

Intentionally-focused, topic-oriented mini-workshops geared to get you moving forward with grace and ease.


Akashic Records Intensive with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records Intensive

For the Akashic Records student wanting to get to the deeper layers of the Akashic Records.

This comprehensive program helps you to learn how to connect with the Akashic Records for you and for others, and then you move into advanced study — all within live, in-person workshops with Cheryl.


Personal Power Masterclass with Cheryl Marlene

Words of Personal Power

Spiritual Practice of Claiming Language as Power-Within

Workshop for everyone … live, in-person and self-paced.


Akashic Records For You with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records For You

Learn how to open your Akashic Records


Akashic Records for Other with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records For Other

Learn how to access the Akashic Records of human & non-human energy


Cheryl’s Newsletters

Spiritual Deep Dive is my primary newsletter and is also a repository of information to assist you to get deep and serious with your life.

Akashic Records Archive is a collection of articles, lessons, and practices entirely about your journey in connecting with the Akashic Records and includes a newsletter.

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One-on-One Mentorship with Cheryl Marlene

One-on-One Mentorship

Packages of One-on-One Sessions with Cheryl to do your personal work


Self-Paced Course Library with Cheryl Marlene

Self-Paced Course Library

Learning and exploration at your own pace.

Courses from across the spectrum of Cheryl’s teaching. From the Akashic Records to personal power, find one to expand. your awareness and personal growth.


Cheryl Marlene's Books

Cheryl’s Books

A published, award-winning and Amazon best-selling author for over fifteen years, Cheryl has written many books on a range of topics from affirmations, personal power, the Akashic Records, and more.

Book List Here …

The Vault by Cheryl Marlene

The Vault

Looking to understand more about Cheryl’s work in the field of spiritual consciousness?

The Vault holds Cheryl’s primary source articles which answer questions like: What are the Akashic Records? What is the Spiritual Practice of Personal Power?