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Akashic Record Readings with Cheryl Marlene

Feeling called to explore and understand your life and the path of your soul?

Looking for restorative balance and deep healing release?

Wanting to make sense of where you’ve been so you can trust yourself to choose your future?

In the push of the world, it’s easy to feel yourself fragment and lose your sense of balance.

At the same time, inner blocks raise up unrealistic expectations, reactionary blame, unwelcome fear, and critical self-judgment.

Both the external challenge and the inner confusion and frustration can make you feel like peaceful resolution will not have a place in your future.

To move beyond these problems, I have learned that what we need is:



Belief in Self.

And, sometimes, a little guidance to choose the right direction.

This is all reachable in an Akashic Record Reading. Why?

The Akashic Records offer an integrated, high-level view of your life from your soul’s perspective.

Not buried in the bumpy road of life, the Akashic Records have clarity about where you’ve been, where you are, and what you have the capacity to achieve in the future.

In an Akashic Record Reading I connect you with this clarity and help you figure out what you want to know and what you can let go.


Who can benefit from an Akashic Record Reading? with Cheryl Marlene

Who can benefit from an Akashic Record Reading?

With close to 25 years of experience providing space for folks to do deep personal work, I have found there are some common characteristics for those who really resonate with my approach and go beyond what they thought possible:

You are a confident and productive person who has hit a bump or come to a place where no matter what you try, you aren’t figuring out how to let go and move forward.

You are feeling the push of inner blocks including outdated beliefs and stories, perhaps the residue of past trauma, or the challenge of letting go of what no longer works for you.

Perhaps your challenge is external, like divorce, financial issues, family troubles or career.

You are looking for a new approach to living life fully, richly, and deeply.

You feel a call to go deeper, to transform, to integrate experience and new approaches within a growing awareness of spiritual mastery and personal power.

Wherever you are in life, an Akashic Records Reading can help you sort the possibilities, let go of blocks, and learn a new approach to living a full and satisfying life.

Here are some examples of possible approaches to your Reading:

First, know that your Akashic Record Reading is based on the questions you want to ask and the issues you want to raise. I even provide a bunch of Question Suggestions when you schedule with me.

Also, there are no limitations to what you can ask about you and your life.

This depth and breadth can be both overwhelming and provide amazing possibility.

That’s why I offer these examples of some of the questions and issues that can be raised in a Reading with me. This isn’t all – just a few examples to give you some ideas!

Releasing Trauma within an Akashic Record Reading

Working through Divorce within an Akashic Record Reading

Dealing with Global Shift in an Akashic Record Reading

Deep Personal Perspectives in an Akashic Records Reading

Create the Career You Love — Perspectives from the Akashic Records

What outcomes can you expect from your Reading?

These are the three words I pick to describe the possibilities within an Akashic Record Reading.


inner blocks and external challenge to restore a deep sense of self truth and self-worth.


about your capacity, your authenticity, and the path of your life.


to continue learning and exploring your journey of personal power, growth, and understanding.

Your Akashic Records will respond to the deep emotion and intention of any question or issue you raise, showing you the holistic perspective which provides a sense of balance and resolution.

You move from fragmented and challenged to integrated and whole.

You move from stuck and hopeless to finding the ability to choose your best life for yourself with determination and happiness.

Know You Are in Supportive Hands with Cheryl Marlene

Know you are in powerful, supportive hands.

I am here to provide the sacred space you need to shift and expand at all levels of your life.

With 25 years of experience, I know how to help you with whatever is holding you up.

Many have found the deep connection I offer to activate powerful personal growth within even if you aren’t sure exactly where you are headed, or what within needs to go.

My life’s work is to be your guide as you shift and expand, finding the clarity you seek to feel free to be yourself in all aspects of your life.

No longer fragmented, your sense of balance restored, your path forward illuminated.

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Akashic Record Readings with Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Record Readings

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