Is now the time to release blocks, heal pain, and find answers to your deepest concerns?

An Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl will bring you clarity, open your heart, and help you see your path forward!

Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl Marlene

What happens in an Akashic Record Reading?

In a Reading, I open your Akashic Records and, through this connection, answer any personal questions or topics you want to raise.

An Akashic Record Reading can:

Answer Questions.

Heal the Heart.

Calm the Mind.

De-stress the Body.

Connect with Soul energy.

The old-fashioned idea is I “read” your Book of Life.

Within modern, future-facing understanding, I bring forward clear awareness to you about your life through connection with the origin energy of your soul.

But like driving a car, you don’t need to know exactly how it works to benefit!

During your Reading, your questions get you down the road with clarity, understanding, and plenty of options.

Plus, not buried in the bumpy road of life, the Akashic Records have keen insight about where you’ve been, where you are, and what you have the capacity to achieve in the future.

In your Akashic Record Reading, you open to the path where you can prepare yourself today for all your tomorrows!

Akashic Record Readings with Cheryl

Reading for You with Cheryl Marlene

For You, One-on-one With Me

An Akashic Record Reading for you is based on your questions and concerns!

Together we explore what you want to know.

We uncover whatever is ready to release to get you unstuck.

The soul energy connection with the Akashic Records naturally heals your heart, restores clarity, and opens your door to possibility for your successful future.

We connect via Zoom wherever in the world you are!

Not sure what or how to ask? I got plenty of Question Suggestions for you!

For Your Business

The energy of your business has its own Akashic Record which I can access on your behalf.

Whether you are trying to figure out a new marketing strategy, bringing a new product to market, or looking to expand your business, I can provide a soul perspective to ignite both personal and business growth.

Reading for your business with Cheryl Marlene

For Your Project with Cheryl Marlene

For Your Project

Because I know how to work with the Akashic Records through a deep energetic perspective, I can work directly with almost anything past, present, and future.

From closed cases to faulty computer networks, from historical exploration to future strategy, there is very little I can’t assess or evaluate within the Akashic Records.

Usually I do one Reading with you to explore the scope of your project and create a plan if more Akashic Record work is indicated.

What outcomes can you expect from an Akashic Record Reading?

Here are the three words I believe best represent the possibilities of an Akashic Record Reading:


Inner Blocks

External Challenge

Old habits and hurtful moments


About your abilities and possibilities

About your authenticity and truth

About the path of your life.


To continue learning

To explore and expand your journey

To identify and claim your personal power

Know you are in powerful, supportive hands!

I am here to provide you the sacred space you need to shift and expand at all levels of your life.

With more than 25 years of experience, within a Reading I know how to help you with whatever is holding you up.

Many have found the deep connection I offer to activate powerful personal growth within even if you aren’t exactly sure at first where you are headed, or what within needs to go.

My life’s work is to be your guide as you shift and expand, finding the clarity you seek to feel free to be yourself in all aspects of your life.

No longer fragmented, your sense of balance restored, your path forward illuminated!

What Folks Are Saying!

I had an hour’s general reading. I was nervous before the call but the minute Cheryl said hello I relaxed.

A truly gifted and talented lady, I loved my reading and felt completely happy to open up and get the questions I wanted answered.

I knew the answers were coming from a higher source as there were so many things that were said that Cheryl couldn’t have possibly have known and everything was spot on.

Great energy, great guidance and a lovely humour that suited me down to the ground, it was as if she had known me for years and we were the greatest of friends.

I will be back for another reading and have recommended you too many. So if you’re reading this just do it, don’t hesitate and enjoy.

— EB

The first time I spoke with Cheryl I felt like reconnecting with a soul-sister. The energy between us was just beautiful and what touched me most was this joy and love that flowed out of her being.

The reading sessions I had with her always rebalanced my energy and helped me see the truth and wisdom that only can come from Source.

Cheryl has this magical ease to convey the Knowing in the most beautiful, elegant possible way.

Her high sense of integrity is always leading in every reading session she conducts, an extremely humbling experience. I am grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime.
— Nicole, Dubai

During these challenging times, of “essential and non-essential work” one is confronted with what truly is essential.

The work that Cheryl is providing during these times is, with out any doubt, essential. Times are challenging, our world is shifting rapidly, and nothing is as it appears on the surface.

Cheryl, time and again succeeds in providing a piercing perspective, in a language of truth that arrives at the heart of your situation.

I’ve been working with Cheryl now for 4 years and every experience offers invaluable wisdom for what I’m presently confronting.

— Clare, Delaware

Is now the time to release blocks, heal pain, and find answers to your deepest concerns?

An Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl will bring you clarity, open your heart, and help you see your path forward!