Create the Career You Love

Create the career you love: begin with you!

One of the most popular reasons for an Akashic Record Reading is assistance in finding a job or a new career.

A common inquiry goes something like this:

I’m looking for a job.
I don’t know where I fit in and I’m not sure what I want.
What I have seen doesn’t feel right.
What do I do?

The response often starts at an unexpected point.

Instead of beginning with the want ads.

The Akashic Records suggest you begin your search with YOU!

Before rushing into a job search, begin by framing your thoughts and desires on you first.

Step One: Begin with the end in mind.

Imagine this scenarios:

You have just finished your first week at your new position.
On Friday evening you speak with a good friend and you say,
“Oh my goodness! I love this job! It’s exactly right for me!”

Now ask yourself this question: To say this about a new position, how do you feel about this job? Who are you in this wonderful position? How do you show up?

Not what are you doing. Not what kind of company. Not specifics.

Focus on how YOU feel. If you love your job, what does it feel like to you? How do you feel to you?

Do you feel balanced? Do you feel centered? Do you feel authentic? Do you feel challenged?

At this point, the focus is on your feelings — how you feel

Deep breath! Feel into yourself loving your job!

Make a list of your feelings.

Step Two: Connect Feeling with Activity

Focus on one of the feelings in your list.

Connect to the feeling and then identify what you’re doing which brings on this feeling.

Ask yourself: What am I doing that brings on this feeling?

Focus on the feeling first, then focus on the activity associated with the feeling.

You might even find that the first feeling connects to a second feeling and then to an activity.

You might find that you have a chain of feelings with not a clear idea of activity.

That’s okay. Don’t push or try to make it up.

Feel and connect. Feel and connect.

Step Three: Connect Activity with Location

Here’s the next step. You’re in this great position, loving what you are doing and how you are contributing.

Look around you: where are you? What kind of place are you in?

Maybe you can see the entire organization. Maybe you only see your work space.

Maybe you can identify a specific organization — but most likely it’s not that specific and more focused on the kind of organization.

The point is this: in the amazing job, where will you be?

Inside, outside? Desk, table, standing in the forest?

It doesn’t matter as along as you feel that the place is in alignment with your feelings about this great job!

So far you have identified why you feel this job is so good for you.

You have identified some of the activities that you are involved with.

You have also taken a glimpse at what kind of environment you are in.

Here’s the point: you are creating your new job for yourself.

When you go looking through the want ads, the typical approach is to evaluate whether or not you will fit into the job as it is described.

You are pushing yourself into their envelope.

That’s because this is the way of finding a J-O-B — not a career, not a working life you love.

Most importantly, you have not taken these first three steps of connecting with your inner wisdom about how you feel in the job that is right for you.

If you will identify how you feel, where you are, and what you are doing FIRST, you give yourself the chance to create your career.

Now when you look at a job description, you are evaluating if the job will fit you.

You have done the preliminary work for you to be successful.

You have begun to identify what’s important for you and what you are looking for.

Now the process is about you auditioning potential employers instead of trying to force yourself into their box.

This is a change in mindset that can be challenging to incorporate.

Yet, essentially what you are doing is reverse engineering.

You are simply beginning with the end in mind.

Step Four: Chart the Elements of Your New Position

Based on your feelings and what you feel about where and what you will do at the perfect position, make a three column chart.

First column: Gotta Haves. Here’s where you list the things that are not negotiable for you in your new position.

Third Column: Dream and Win. In this column, put down the amazing things that you would do or be or have in the job which go way beyond. This is the stretch column, perhaps the seems impossible column. Here are the things you get because you are willing to dream and win.

Second Column: Second Suitcase. This column is for the stuff that would be great but if it doesn’t work out, no sweat. Kind of like the stuff that would have gone in the second suitcase that you could take with you in the main cabin. These are the negotiable items but they aren’t the stretch items of the third column.

In all of these columns, the items include anything related to feelings, activity, and location. Both specific and general.

Step Five: Use Your Chart to Evaluate Prospects and Determine Fit

This chart connects you on a deeper level with the aspects of the job you’ll love.

This chart is your focus for evaluating potential spots and possible employers.

The bottom line: you are not looking for a million jobs!

You are looking for that one spot which has you telling your friends, “I love this job!”

Now you’ve begun with You — the right place to find within you the career you are meant to experience because it brings out the best of you in an environment where you can thrive.

Dream on!!

Step One: Begin with the end in mind.
Step Two: Connect Feeling with Activity
Step Three: Connect Activity with Location
Step Four: Chart the Elements of Your New Position
Step Five: Use Your Chart to Evaluate Prospects and Determine Fit

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