The Futility of Proving Your Worth

The Futility of Proving Your Worth: Trying to feel worthy of living is a constant push because rapid change has always been a part of life.

What’s new in the last two months is the ability to predict into the future has compressed from one year to one day.

This compression has a long list of effects which trigger a chain reaction that threaten your sense of connection and security.

The best way to avoid the chain reaction is to shift your perspective about the fundamental point of your existence.

Proving your worth – this is the belief which forms the foundation for life as we knew it. If you can prove your worth then, life is good with no worries.

The problem is that no matter what you do, your worth is unprovable.

Think about the rat race that you get caught up in.

The constant push to produce value.

The constant insistence that you must at all costs do something which proves you to be a valuable human being.

I describe this belief as Blind Production.

You must do or produce something to prove your worth – but what it is you have no idea.

You are blind to the path which will get you there.

But the drive is so strong, the compulsion so pervasive, the desired outcome so important – you will do anything to finally get the proof.

I see this within myself and within most of my clients and students.

Blind Production is relentless and pushes at the inner sense of worthlessness and disappointment with self which has grown since early childhood.

The paradox of Blind Production is simple: your worth is intrinsic. Nothing needs proving.

In the new world which we are now learning to live in, Blind Production is losing its hold, making way for a new way to understand the meaning of life and opportunities for spiritual and physical integration.

The fundamental shift comes within this release of Blind Production.

No longer needing to be preoccupied with a pointless search for that which already exists, life fundamentally shifts.

We are all able to begin again within a new, highly supportive perspective of self-value and self-worth.

The key is to move from self-absence to self-presence.

To shift from self-denial to self-acceptance.

No longer saddled with blinders blocking the view of your fabulous self, life is good.


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