What does it mean to jump timelines?

From an Akashic Records Q&A event, comes this question: Can the Records address what jumping timelines means? How can we do that? The response steps beyond the limits of linear time to explain time lines and soul purpose.


We think this is a really good example of the difference between the static view and dynamic view.

Because in the static view, you’re looking at everything from the point of view of past, present and future.

You tend to think that human beings are born and they have one timeline there that goes past, present and future.

And the way we want to define jumping timelines has to do with the physical, the static view of what it means to actually begin to see that you’re not living a timeline, what you’re doing is you are being born into this time and place free to shift and change, however you feel free to shift and change.

It’s not that at a soul level.

There were probably good reasons why you came into this life at this time.

It’s just that the whole idea of soul purpose, life purpose, and all of that is much, much more fluid now than it’s ever been, and it will continue to get fluid.

And it means that in your moment of awareness, you have the ability to shift your life in whatever direction you want to go so that from a static point of view, it looks like you’re jumping timelines where really what it is, is you’ve shifted your perspective so that you’re no longer thinking about things as timelines, or thinking about seeing everything like a straight line.

And here you are at this point and the point back there is where you were and the point there in front of you is where you know is the future.

And really what it is, is that your entire life is within a sphere, and you’re at the center of the sphere.

So that means you’ve got a minimum of like 360 different directions you can go.

In fact, it’s more than that.

So instead of being on a line, where you only have one place that you can go, if you see yourself within the infinite and eternal, like a sphere, it means that you can go in whatever direction you want to go at anytime you want to go.

And when you go in a direction, that means that the possibilities around you shift as well, because all of that is connected, although from a physical point of view it looks random.

Whereas what it is, is not random.

It’s about your awareness of how you want to live your life.

And your ability to go in the direction that you want to go whenever you want to go because the past does not dictate the future.

What dictates the future is your choice in this moment.

So you can go jump in any timeline you want.

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