Akashic Records Executive Intensive for the Serious Spiritual Seeker

Akashic Records Intensive with

The Akashic Records Intensive is a personally guided, one-on-one study program with me — and a commitment to yourself and the deepest levels of Akashic Records study and exploration.

The Intensive is the choice to combine all the learning of ZENITH with direct, one-on-one learning with me.

This Akashic Records Intensive is for You:

When nothing less than deep self-understanding and powerful spiritual experience is your heart-felt objective ….

When you know you are ready for a deep, deep dive into the Akashic Records ….

When your desire is a personalized curriculum — to explore directly and privately with a master guide ….

Direct Learning on an Intensive Level

In this intensive, I will guide you personally through all three levels of Akashic Records Masterclass customizing each step to your needs and challenges with direction from your Akashic Records.

Through fifteen 2-hour sessions, you will meet with me for spiritual discussion, Akashic Records learning, and at your request, an Akashic Record Reading.

The scheduling of your sessions is based on your objectives and your timing — we can meet weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly via Zoom.

In between there will be extensive reading with personal work and study which will also include partner practices, group work. Monthly responses plus occasional in-depth reports are also required.

Engagement in this Intensive also requires monthly participation in Master Class and Akashic Records Practice, plus study in related online courses housed on my private student website. Archives of recording also provide both a source of study and can be utilized when you can not attend Master Class Zoom calls.

I will provide personal guidance and customize all aspects of your learning according to your needs, desires, and with direction from your Akashic Records.

The entire program relies on your initiative and responsibility. You are responsible for timely completion of all work and for scheduling your private study sessions within your period of study with me.

You have up to 16 months to complete this Intensive. Additional Private Study may be added at additional charge. Plus, if you want to study with me in-person, that can be arranged but must be scheduled ahead of time and will involve additional fees.

The Akashic Records Intensive is a powerful program of personal learning and study in the Akashic Records.

As such, this Intensive is not for everyone.

When you are ready to make this once-in-a-lifetime commitment, I will be ready to walk the deep road of the Akashic Records with you!

Akashic Records Intensive

What’s included?

Fifteen two-hour Private Study sessions with me usually scheduled at the pace you desire including weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

Access and personal, customized guidance through all the workshops in Akashic Records Masterclass including:

  • Akashic Records Student Archive

Plus, all digital reading materials and the digital versions of The Akashic Records Masterclass and The New Akashic Records (print copy for those with a US mailing address).

Please know that Akashic Origins, Level Four, is not included in the Intensive and can be applied for upon completion of ZENITH Levels One, Two, and three.

How is the Intensive Structured?

From the beginning, and as the student progresses, I adapt the curriculum and study plan to fit both the learning needs and the schedule of the student.

Study and learning within the Intensive is a combination of Master Class, personal study assignments, and Private Study.

As a rough estimate with a monthly program, plan on at least 5-6 hours a week of effort related to your Intensive program, though this may fluctuate and may be more depending on your learning style, the depth of exploration, and the rhythm of your Private Study.

Private Study is scheduled through the desired rhythm of the student with weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly options.

The Intensive may also be customized in terms of location, length or number of sessions, and material covered. For example, if you want to do Level One and Level Two in a weekend, in-person arrangement, I can work out these details with you. For custom options, indicate your interests in your application.

How Does Application Work?

Prerequisite: Students must be at least 18 years old to enroll. Students must have had at least one 60-minute Akashic Record Reading with me.

Enrollment in the Intensive is limited. Tuition for the Intensive is $9000. A 4-month payment plan is available ( $3000 down, $2000 for three months). A 5% discount is offered for those paying in full immediately upon acceptance.

You are agreeing to complete ALL monthly payments even if you do not finish the program. Non-payment is grounds for suspension until payment is received or dismissal if the account is not immediately brought current.

My expectation is that you are able to make your way through the Intensive on your own initiative.

It is your responsibility to schedule appointments within sixteen months from registration and complete assignments in a timely manner. If you know you can’t meet a deadline, let me know as soon as possible and work with me to create a new agreement which works for you. I can’t assist if you don’t let me know you need assistance.

Before you in this moment are these questions:

Is now the time for intensive learning in the Akashic Records?

Do I learn with Cheryl directly, one-on-one?

Am I prepared to make this Intensive commitment to deep, serious, spiritual study?

If the answers are no, I wish you the very best!

If the answers are yes, complete all the application steps below.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

If you have any questions or concerns about the Intensive, please schedule a 15-minute conversation with me using this no-charge link.

In Joy!

Akashic Records Intensive


To be considered for the Intensive, here are the application steps:

  1. If you have haven’t yet had an Akashic Record Reading with me, schedule one now.
  2. Read about ZENITH — the Intensive is based on the content of this learning program. As an Intensive student, you will participate in some of the Master Classes.
  3. Read this page that I have written specifically for new students: Akashic Records – A New View.
  4. Download and read this ebook that I have created for new clients and prospective students.
  5. Read my Client Information and Terms of Service page — participation in the Intensive indicates to me your knowledge and willingness to abide by these Agreements.
  6. Complete the ZENITH Application. Then complete Intensive Application below.
  7. Schedule a time to discuss possibilities, determine fit, and work out all custom options – there will be a scheduling link on the page which shows after submitting the Intensive Application.
  8. Upon acceptance, make payment as agreed.
  9. Schedule Private Study sessions, begin your studies, and learn how to connect with the Akashic Records.
  10. Change your life!!

Akashic Records Intensive Application

All of my seminars, workshops, classes, and events (in addition to any one-one-one interaction) are governed by my Terms of Service and Client Information.

Before registering, I request that you read the Terms of Service and make certain you agree.

Registering for any workshop, class, or event with me is your way of indicating to me that you agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

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