In Presence by Cheryl Marlene

In Presence

After 20 years of experience with the Akashic Records, I still seek out Readings for myself. Why? Simple. Presence. When someone opens my Records for me, I am free to show up for me within the presence. Presence in the Akashic Records is often overlooked when the need to know becomes painfully intense. This pressing … Read more

Delight in Your Presence by Cheryl Marlene

Delight in Your Presence

I thought I knew exactly what would happen, And I was entirely wrong, Because you are you, And I didn’t know you, Until I did, And then it was too late, And would have been untruthful, For anything else to be, Including what I thought, Which turned out to be wrong, Because in, the end, The truth is I receive delight in your presence.