Open, Allow, Receive

Talking is easy.
Actions more challenging.
Shifting out-dated habits and ill-serving beliefs — seemingly impossible sometimes.

When you are conscious of yourself and want to actively choose the path of your life, the urge towards transformation can be consuming.? The road block is both simple and huge: How?

In the last couple of months, I have experienced this urge firsthand as I have let go of my family unit of three, a marriage, a husband, a home and a way of life.? Constantly I have pondered, “Cheryl, what do you want?”? The answers have helped me?open?to new perspectives and possibilities.? At each turn, the answering challenge was to let go of old habits and stories, and?allow?the unexpected and the unknown to transform my life.? And while this may have felt like a brand new peak experience, transformation was not complete until I?received the learning and integrated it into my everyday life.

Open. Allow. Receive.

My new mantra, my new point of view, my new way of BEing.? Heart and mind working together for today and tomorrow, supporting me to let go of whatever no longer serves me.

Then, emerging from the crucible of my life, came an incredible idea for my advanced Sage Path students:??Engage the divine view of the Akashic Records within a clear intention for personal transformation?– much like I had already been doing.

Ask yourself, “What do I want in my life?”

Open. Allow. Receive.



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