Static and Dynamic

Understanding the energetic views of static and dynamic are fundamental to the deepest perspective of the nature of the Akashic Records. These are crucial concepts to wrap your head around! Though it will take a bit for you to move beyond your linear training!

This is Lesson 22 from Open the Akashic Records for Other.

Of all the concepts I have learned from the Akashic Records, the static and dynamic views have had the greatest impact in shifting my view and understanding of how energy can be understood from the soul’s point of view and how this view affects understanding of the Akashic. Though this is certainly a review, my intention is to explore the static and dynamic within the perspective of Other.

Dynamic understanding can take you beyond the limits of a physical-only perspective. As powerful as they are, much awareness lies beyond chakras and meridians, beyond astral and etheric. The dynamic view is the soul’s point of view – and the soul connected within the boundlessness of All That is.

The linear perspective of time and space views motion as a straight line from past to present to future. This perspective is also called the static view because there is limited awareness of motion beyond physical motion within three-dimensional space and time.

In contrast, the dynamic view takes a step beyond the physical. Within the dynamic view, time and space are infinite and eternal. The dynamic view is the view of the soul, of sacred source, of the divine. Time does not run in a straight line within the dynamic view. Instead, time flows like a fountain from this moment outward in the 360° by 360° of a sphere.

Instead of a straight-line connection, in the dynamic view each present moment is connected by awareness between this moment and the next. From a linear perspective, a random or seemingly chaotic path is created as each moment flows outside a straight path.

By shifting away from a static view, the dynamic view extends awareness of the infinite and eternal motion of the universe, of All That Is. Understanding the dynamic view is the fulcrum for shifting fundamental understanding of the energy dynamics of the soul. No longer confined to the linear or the physical, the dynamic view provides an understanding of the flow of all energy from the soul’s point of view and opens understanding to the unknown of All That Is.

The dynamic view opens the possibility that human knowing can take in more, beyond the three dimensions of the physical world. The dynamic view allows for connection in time and space and beyond, outside the limits of the linear. The dynamic view opens the door to experiencing life within the infinite and eternal motion of the soul and of the experience of the infinite and eternal universal flow of the divine. A dynamic view supports the integration of spiritual and physical and does not hold back, limit, or block. The dynamic view supports, opens, expands being and becoming.

Take a moment to reflect on both the static view and the dynamic view. The mind can have difficulty wrapping itself around the idea of the dynamic view. Trying to think of time nonlinearly is brain scrambling at its best. However, given the chance, your heart may be able to feel the edges of the nuances of the static and dynamic.

Within the awareness of motion is the best way to begin to understand and feel the dynamic view. First, remember all energy is motion. In this moment, now, is the flow of energy of you within All That Is. Take a breath and then bring your awareness to where you are now. Sense or feel or become aware of any motion within you and around you, no matter how small or subtle. When you bring your attention to this moment, you have the capacity to sense or feel or become aware of the motion of energy in this moment. Awareness of motion in this moment can also come from awareness of what is not moving, stuck, or feels blocked.

Motion is life expressing, claiming intention, gathering what is needed to move to the next moment. Whereas no motion is in the midst of doubt, uncertainty, and fear, and is searching for release to move again.

Ask yourself a question. Feel, sense, or follow the motion generated by the question. Within the static view, questions tend to turn focus toward only one direction. Here, focus is linear.

The dynamic view opens perceptions within the infinite and eternal circle of possible motion. Here, focus is diffused, allowing awareness from many directions. The static view can limit awareness to the fear of what is and what isn’t. The dynamic view opens awareness to being and becoming, to the truth that is and the possibilities that can be.

Know that this is not to say that looking at the world from only the dynamic view is what’s important. Rather, what is important is that you become aware of the difference between the dynamic and the static, and to understand that both exist.

With awareness of both views, you have the opportunity to choose in each moment how you look at life. Each view presents a different vision, different understanding, and different awareness. Part of the effort to move toward spiritual-physical integration comes in understanding the opportunities of the dynamic view and not being limited by the static view.

Static and Dynamic is from my book Open the Akashic Records of Other.

These concepts are related to my overall understanding of Soul Energy Dynamics.

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