The Entirety of Self

On the spiritual journey, learning about self is the most powerful experience you can have. As awareness expands, what can be seen about and from the point of self is amazing.

To understand self, various labels can be used to help understanding:  true self, higher self, child self and more. And in the eagerness, we can get lost in these parts and forget the entirety.

Self is not a bunch of parts pasted together.

Self is a continuum spanning from potential to form.

All the labels are identifying various points or aspects of the continuum.

Most importantly, life is not about only expressing higher self or true self.

The point of life’s journey is experiencing the entirety of self and knowing that the self that is appropriate for the moment will show.

The entirety of self is an experience of wholeness and completeness.

We are not the individual labels. We are not broken into bits. We are whole.

Chasing after bits and pieces deemed better deters the experience of wholeness.

Focused on the entirety of self opens the door to embracing the wholeness of who you are now and can become.

Look at the bits to find understanding of the whole.

But don’t mistake the bits as the entirety.

The whole of self is infinitely greater than the sum of those bits.


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