When you are ready to go beyond the surfacee of your life —

Words for Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul!

Spiritual Deep Dive is a monthly newsletter combined with a library archive of my writing, books, and other publications.

Articles, videos, a podcast all geared toward helping you with your Spiritual Deep Dive!

Spiritual Deep Dive with Cheryl Marlene

What’s Spiritual Deep Dive?

Spiritual Deep Dive is here for those who are looking for that “something more” in their lives.

Because you are ready to move beyond.

Because you are interested in choosing your life for you.

Because your spiritual nature can be both exciting and sometimes lonely or confusing.

Spiritual Deep Dive is for you when you’re ready to look into the depths of you beyond superficial cliches and outdated belief.

You are ready to claim the power and wisdom of who you are and can become.

For me the spiritual journey is never done — so it’s not about beginner, or advanced, or freaking guru status.

Life lived within the perspective of your spiritual path is about how you engage beyond the surface.

Maybe you just begin with a toe in the water.

And little by little you find yourself making the deep dive — not because your friends or your teacher or the latest, greatest author tells you. Nope!

The Spiritual Deep Dive is what you choose to do for you because hanging out at the surface isn’t cutting it for you any more.

What will you find in Spiritual Deep Dive?

The content will mostly be from me — excerpts from the new books I am working on.

Information and messages I receive from the Akashic Records. Articles about how I am working through the challenges and joys of my life.

Mindful moments. Podcasts and video. Quarterly chats via Zoom for paid subscribers.

Plus, all subscribers (free and paid) will receive the Spiritual Deep Dive newsletter on the first, tenth, and twentieth of the month.

Additionally there are approximately 6 to 10 posts a month, approximately 80% for paid subscribers only and all posts are in the Archive.

Articles are in these four categories:

  • For Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul: the biggest category with a focus on integrating physical and spiritual with grace, peace, and balance.
  • From the Akashic Records: from personal power to universal mysteries, new perspectives to deepen life’s journey.
  • Awesome Spiritual Reads: from the classic to the new release, words of wisdom from multiple dimensions, infinite perspectives, and awesome folks exploring their journey just like you and me.
  • Share Your Journey: interviews with folks about how they are navigating their own spiritual deep dive.

Why subscribe?

To Give Yourself a Moment for You!

My hope is that when you hear from me you’re able to take a moment for you. A moment to think about your life and where you’re at. A moment to reflect on whatever is bubbling inside and pushing at you to understand. A moment to consider a new perspective and a new possibility for your life.

I’m not here to tell you what’s right. I’m here to share where I’m at, what works, what was disappointing, and why. So you can take it in and figure out what’s true for you, uncover your next step, and envision potential new directions.

I believe we are all here trying to figure out how to live our best lives. I’m doing Spiritual Deep Dive for that moment of A-ha! That moment of shift and release. That moment of Wow! Now I get it!

I am here reaching out to you for that moment when we all truly get we are not alone even though we have finally taken a step into the depths of the unknown.

Also, Spiritual Deep Dive is a Dialogue between You and Me

My best friend tells me I am in a constant state of epiphany. Or maybe I said this to her? Anyway, I totally agree.

I think of my process as many epiphanettes punctuated here and there by a good, ole’ soul-shaking epiphany.

Much of what I write comes from these epiphanettes, including articles, books, podcasts, and courses.

I see Spiritual Deep Dive as a dialogue between you and me — an exchange of my epiphanettes to fuel your epiphanettes — an exchange in which I hold the intention for the dialogue to be transformative for both of us.

Instead of buying a book with a static, never-changing form, you purchase a subscription to an ever-changing flow of thought, philosophy, spiritual practice, actionable ideas, plus the epiphanies and epiphanettes of my life and of folks around me.

Plus, you are helping me to sustain my livelihood as this crazy, epiphanette-filled, futuristic mystic I am committed to be and become.

Stay up-to-date

You won’t have to worry about missing anything.

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Join my community!

We are a group of folks serious about living life fully and exploring the depths of self.

Most find around me they are no longer the only person in the room with a deep spiritual calling willing to consider new perspectives and speak personal truth.

Use the chat function on every post and the Notes section of Substack to reach out to me, ask questions, and join in the dialogue.

What Folks Are Saying!

Cheryl Marlene is the world’s leading teacher, author, and thought leader on the Akashic Records.

A reading with her was transformative; her courses changed my understanding of possibility.

If you’re ready to deep dive into the Records and want to be challenged, supported, and educated, choose this path.

She’s the best at what she does, at truly every level.

— Liz, Massachusetts

I am grateful that I have had Cheryl in my life for the past 2 years.

Her energy and insight have been a positive influence for me during some dark times. She has helped me to focus on finding the light in every situation, believing in my own capabilities and has been a source of positive energy at a much needed time in my life.

I look forward to learning more from her each time we interact and feel blessed that our paths have crossed.

I would highly recommend that anyone spend some time with her and it won’t take long to determine just how much of a positive influence she is and that she practices what she teaches.

— Jim, Arizona

I am re-watching the first lesson in our Level Three course and this thought just came to me and I want to share it with you:

You hold the keys to the Universe and I want to thank you for unlocking these doors for me.

Before you, I didn’t even know these doors existed.

Now, as I step through these doors, the potential of my Universe is unfolding and I am full of wonder, awe, and happiness!

— Stephanie, Ohio

Welcome! I am Cheryl Marlene,

Akashic Mystic, Futurist, and Trailblazer in the Akashic Records

I’m really good at getting to the real, the raw, and the tough parts of life.

I’m also really good at explaining what seems complex and difficult in easy-to-understand concepts without losing either the depth or the authenticity of the challenge or the joy.

Spiritual Deep Dive is where we can explore the depths together!

Please join me!

When you’re ready to go beyond the surface of your life — words of wisdom for body, mind, heart, and soul.