Affirmations Power Personal Transformation

Affirmations Power Personal Transformation can ignite your transformation today!

Are you dreaming of making big changes but unsure how to start?

Affirmations make a great place to begin your journey! Here’s why:

When you change the flow and approach to your life, you transform.

Because this is your effort, your experience, and your responsibility, transformation is personal – as well as life changing.

So much is written about personal transformation that it can seem like an impossible task.

At least that’s what I used to think until one day I found out the secret.

Personal transformation begins with one step.

Just one step.

And it doesn’t have to be big or long or deep.

One sentence said out loud.

A sentence which describes the energy of the new you.

Repeated at the beginning, middle, and end of your day.

Affirmations can help you begin your process of personal transformation.

Just one sentence – almost sounded too good to be true.

When I tried it, everything changed.

When you change the flow and approach to your life, you transform.

Through this simple effort, experience and taking responsibility for the direction of your thoughts, you shift.

It’s deeply personal and life changing.

Affirmations don’t solve everything – though that’s not the intention anyway.

They help you get started. See clearly what you want. Create the intention for change.

The intention is simple. Take the first step – and affirmations can help.

Begin your personal transformation now – add affirmations to your daily practice today!

Why did I write Affirmations Power Personal Transformation?

Perhaps the easiest and the most difficult book for me to write. Easy becauseI affirmations is not a complicated topic. Difficult because the writing took me back through some very hard learned lessons, reminding me that there is self-judgment in the belief that revisiting yesterday’s lesson is failure.

Instead, my affirmation practice has helped me understand that I am always here in this moment with whatever needs releasing — whether or not it’s connected or separate from whatever I worked through yesterday. Releasing the ingrained habit of self-judgment took time and effort and required that I look at why I would be so hard on myself as a habitual response.

Now I know I am not alone. Yet everyday I meet people who feel alone in their spiritual journey. Struggling to make sense, constant challenges born from their own personal, unsupportive, habitual responses.

I wrote this book to offer assistance in the shift and change, to support the transformation, and to suggest somehow we are all connected in both the joys and the trials of life.

Here’s my heartfelt offering to help you take your first step and your next step!

In Joy!

Affirmations help create a new,
positive inner voice
dedicated to supporting the new You.

Affirmations in these categories:

Opening Self ♥ Shame ♥ Self-Acceptance ♥ Regret ♥ Confidence ♥ Blame ♥ Trust ♥ Anger ♥ Vulnerability ♥ Unreasonable Expectations ♥ Happiness ♥ Inner Difficulty ♥ Joy

Here’s some of the great reviews for this powerful book!

“A fresh new way of looking at affirmations … deep insights into why they work … and then – in very practical terms – how to get down to the business about using affirmations to change your life.” – Amazon Reviewer

“If you need to take just one step to make some change, picking up this book is a great way to start. The author’s unique insights, humor and gentle touch will give you the push you need to get things done.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Cheryl Marlene’s thorough and clear take on affirmations is an excellent guide to transformation.” – Amazon Reviewer

“The author’s “section on how to work with affirmations alone … will help you engage in a deeper practice of using affirmations.” – Amazon Reviewer

“What a great book with affirmations and a great way to get your mindset to change in terms what you can do with your life. Words are powerful.” – Amazon Reviewer

“What I particularly enjoyed is when she discussed how affirmations can help free us from self-limiting beliefs that we can have in any number of areas.” – Amazon Reviewer

“the PERFECT guide to take you along on a Positive journey that’ll change your LIFE~ if you let IT!” – Amazon Reviewer

“such a short book … packs a punch” – Amazon Reviewer

“this book was a real eye-opener. I learned so much more of the mental changes that happen through a regular practice and variations on affirmations I hadn’t considered. It’s worth a look. A++.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Thank you Cheryl Marlene for all of your dedication to the power of words, and the power of transformation.” – Amazon Reviewer

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Excerpts & Affirmations from

Affirmations Power Personal Transformation

Step Into the River

A friend of mine, Isabel, was going through a tough time at work because, as a nurse, she was witness to death and dying and the staggeringly devasting effects on…

Affirmation of the Week #52

I embrace joy always. To embrace is to stand arms opened wide in acceptance of the richness of all experience. My heart is open. My mind is willing. My body…

Affirmation of the Week #51

  My life expresses joy in all moments. Joy is a continual choice in this moment. When joy is not my experience, ask, “Why not?” Remember joy can be felt…

Affirmation of the Week #50

I believe in myself. I allow this affirmation to find its way into the darker corners of my mind and heart. I allow myself to consider whatever needs attention, beyond…

Affirmation of the Week #49

I love who I am becoming. With the expansive possibilities of personal transformation, I am not the same from one moment to the next. I exist, I am, I experience…

Heart Truth, Body Wisdom

Affirmations can help get to heart truth and body wisdom. Affirmations help transcend the outward-orientation of life, shifting instead to looking for truth first within the balance of heart and…

Affirmation of the Week #48

  When life is difficult, I do not, will not give up. All the inner turmoil and difficulty can be overwhelming, can rudely hit hard and low and sneaky, with…

Affirmation of the Week #47

  Fear has no place in my life. Fear reaches out and squeezes my heart with hopes of controlling me and making me feel powerless, small, ineffective, and disconnected. Fear…

Affirmation of the Week #46

I trust myself in all aspects of my life. Trust is a spiritual practice which requires consistent effort. Because life has disappointments and unexpected turns, trust can be challenging. Without…

Affirmation: Hearing My Soul’s Truth

As the intention of an Affirmation practice deepens, the affirmation itself becomes part of the soul’s voice and expression, bringing awareness from the unconscious, expanding awareness, and offering opportunities for…

Affirmation of the Week #45

I no longer allow myself to believe my critical voice. Time to cut power to the critical voice. Time to claim responsibility. Time to trust. Time to hear truth. Time…

Affirmation of the Week #44

In trust, I live my life happily aligned with my inner truth. My inner truth is in constant motion as I live and grow and experience life. Transformation fuels this…

Affirmation of the Week #43

  I happily live the life I create for myself. Why show up in my life with negative thoughts and beliefs? More negativity? I can release whatever pushes my life…

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