The Akashic Records Masterclass by Cheryl Marlene
The Akashic Records Masterclass by Cheryl Marlene



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The world’s most comprehensive guide to learning about the Akashic Records, with over 800 pages, 155,000 words and six completed books – in a single volume.

In The Akashic Records Masterclass learn how the Akashic Records can help you overcome fear, find resilience, and discover your path forward in today’s world.

How can you thrive during extraordinary global shifts?

If you’re struggling to find your way, you’re not alone. It often feels like fear is everywhere, pushing at you, demanding that you give up the best of who you are, and limiting your ability to thrive.

Fear shows up in both everyday life and within our responses to today’s big trends of pandemic, economic shift, and social polarization.

Your ability to thrive depends on shifting away from fear towards a deep inner sense of personal connection.

Emerging from ancient, mystic connections, the Akashic Records help you create a path of personal growth and connection to the deepest of universal mysteries. When you learn how to work with the Akashic Records in a variety of ways, you ignite your ability to shift away from the reaction of fear toward the support and sustenance of connection.

Trust, Truth, and Self-Worth are the inner processes most battered by the winds of fear — and paradoxically the exact tools to use to counter fear and move into connection. Through her signature classic The Akashic Records Masterclass, world expert Cheryl Marlene shows you exactly how to open your Akashic Records, begin a journey of connection, and establish a clear sense of self-trust, self-truth, and self-worth even in the midst of fear-filled times.

In The Akashic Records Masterclass you find the world’s most comprehensive guide to opening the Akashic Records. Within the over 800 pages of this book, you will find these paths of learning focused on your personal growth:

  • Introduction to the Akashic Records: Busting open the usual stereotypes, learn Cheryl’s unique, easy-to-understand perspective of the Akashic Records as a flow of divine energy from the soul’s origin. This prepares you to be able open the Akashic Records at the deepest levels possible.
  • Open Your Akashic Records: In the first seven lessons find everything you need to be able to open your Akashic Records. The ethical agreements you make to connect, the opening process, plus the energetic foundational blessing. Explicit instructions are preparation for your first opening. The remaining fifty lessons take you through a process of personal transformation, establishing a firm foundation within your Akashic Records. A process for the serious student ready to step into a place of deep self-trust and connection to personal truth.
  • Open the Akashic Record for Other: Explicit instructions cover the ethical agreements, blessing and opening process. Extensive practice for opening the Akashic Records of Other, including other people as well as working with the Records of “other” beings. Learn to work with any flow of energy that is not you – people, mountains, businesses, animals, and much more! While you may not want to be a professional Akashic Record Reader (though there is definitely support for you here if you do), learning to connect with the flow of soul energy in this way creates an incredibly strong connection to the universal mysteries contained within the dynamics of the Akashic Records.
  • How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey: Opening the Akashic Records is a personal, spiritual journey. This book shares each step of your journey and its related spiritual concept. Each lesson provides a set of questions to explore your Akashic Records to help you dive deep into limiting self-beliefs and whatever it is that no longer serves you. Tools to navigate the depth of who you are without expectation, blame, fear, or judgment.
  • Ten+ Secrets of the Akashic Records: Building on the Introduction, here’s a deep dive into the incredible possibilities which exist when one lets go of the outdated metaphor of the Akashic Records as library. Discover the potential in understanding the Akashic Records as dynamic, everchanging energy. This view as energy from the soul’s perspective offers access to the Records at a unique depth.
  • 400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records: Expand your sense of what’s possible in an Akashic Record Reading. This book explores the two essential questions, the twelve deep dive questions, and the ten questions about Soul Possibilities — and then followed with more than 400 questions about the A to Z’s of life. Ask these questions in your Akashic Records or the next time you receive an Akashic Record Reading.

Are you ready to do more than raise your vibration?

Do you want to move beyond notions of the dynamic Akashic Records as simply accessing a static archive of the soul?

Is it time to push beyond simply learning your soul’s purpose and learn to do deeper transformative work today?

You’re in the right place!

Opening the Akashic Records moves you beyond fear into the deep connection within you.

In your journey, you realize that you are worthy of a life capable of thriving in global shift.

Get started today! Explore The Akashic Records Masterclass and begin your journey.


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“If you’ve been searching for that one book, that one approach, to help you make better sense of the world, I’ve got good news – you found it. Grab a copy and get started. You won’t regret it. ” – Amazon Reviewer

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