In Presence with My Akashic Records

After many years of experience with the Akashic Records, I still seek out Readings for myself — why?



When someone opens my Records for me, I am free to show up for me within the presence.

Presence in the Akashic Records is often overlooked when the need to know becomes painfully intense. This pressing need overwhelms and seeks answers, responses, truth, immediate knowing.

However, no matter what question you ask.

No matter how you ask the question.

No matter the phrasing, the words, the intent, or whatever other elements you might want to judge as necessary.

No matter — presence is always here in the moment for you.

No matter anything.

Presence is.

I can give you all the energetic reasons for presence.

The hundred percent potential of the origin of the Akashic Records — what I call Non-Physical Reality — raises you into equilibrium during an Akashic Record Reading.

Experiencing the energetic effects of this merging within the equilibrium feels like profound balance, deep release, subtle healing.

You shift, you change, you align, you resonate, you release.

A healing moment.

No matter the reasons, a Reading is always the experience of presence.

I had this experience for myself yesterday.

Before the Reading, I felt all over the place, flustered, trying to avoid some of my fight-or-flight tendencies.

My questions were on hastily written post-it notes.

At the beginning of the reading I know I was being a bit in my dear-God-just-give-me-an-answer mode, desperate to find that one, perfect answer to satisfy my mind and get me going down my path!

I pushed and reached for this perfection with follow-up questions as my mind clicked and processed.

No matter.

While my mind was preoccupied with getting satisfaction, my heart was doing her thing.

My heart was present to the presence.

That’s where the real work was being done.

Which actually isn’t doing.

Maybe more of release.

Definitely awareness, knowing.

Presence shows up within balance, within equilibrium, within the quiet of the moment.

Right in that place where the heart hears and responds and releases.

Questions are the conduit to carry away whatever is standing in the way of the mind feeling and receiving the balanced presence.

By the end of the Reading, I could feel my release.

I could feel how I had let go of the fight and dropped the flight.

Yes, I receive some great information which will be really helpful in my life going forward.

But only because my mind calmed and joined my heart in presence.

A healing moment certainly.

Yet more than that.

A moment of peace and truth and love.

In presence.

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