Lessons of Greed

As the solar calendar begins again, the global energy is confused by the narcissistic tendencies of a few who would love their agenda of greed to keep them wealthy and powerful.

This is not a lesson that any with money are corrupt. This is a lesson that those motivated by greed will always move on their own toward corruption of their divine soul connection.

Think of the many stories and movies which portray the attempted rise of the villain who is always thwarted. This greedy motion raises within an ability to look at where you stand, how you approach life, and how you respond (or not) in the face of greed.

Do you ignore, thinking it’s not your problem?

Do you freeze, terrified by the prospects which greed so readily details?

Do you say, “No! That’s not me! I walk a different path!

In the face of ignorance, greed has an open playing field to do as it pleases. In the face of terror, greed uses fear to create more fear to control and to obtain more. In the face of clear consciousness, greed falters, unable to manipulate or exert control.

Does greed require your action? In some cases, yes. In other cases, the requirement is simply to make your own choice to live life without greed.

What is the alternative to greed? Love, compassion, and empathy.

Especially in understanding Love as the ability to give full attention to the amazing person before you, especially those with whom you don’t agree.

Compassion is a sense of shared humanity and that challenge is part of life. Empathy affirms that we all have these challenges and we are doing the best we can.

In this sense, then, the response to greed is connection. Greed instills fear which attempts to separate.

The answer: Reach across the divide and connect in love with compassion and empathy.

Remember Jesus in the market place and Ghandi in resistance.

Both sought connection and avoided judgment in the face of greed.

Let not greed instill fear which keeps you frozen and unable to connect.

Connect and share, seeking first to understand and then to be understood.


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