Past Lives and Those Who Have Passed

Past Lives and Those Who Have Passed: this exploration of past lives in the Akashic Records goes well beyond stereotypical belief about the nature of the Records. To illustrate this, I recount experiences of encountering those who have passed within the sacred space of a Reading.

I remember very clearly one of the most challenging and enlightening Akashic Record Readings I have ever provided.

She was a new client, unknown to me and on referral from another client. Like I always do, I opened her Akashic Records and turned to her and asked where she wanted to begin. She had this question:

“My husband died last week. Why?”

Through me personally flowed all sorts of emotions and awareness. Sorrow for her loss. Amazement that she was able to ask this question so soon. Awareness of conflicting emotions below the surface. Awareness that much more waited at the edge for her, me, and the Reading.

But since none of my opinions or thoughts should be included in her Reading, I turned my attention to the flow of her Akashic Records, ready to transmit, to relay the response. At first, I couldn’t.

Because … there was nothing there. Nothing.

My heart took a breath. My body tensed.

Oh, no! I thought. Of all the times for there to be no response! Not now!

I took another breath and felt myself let go of my dismay. My responsibility in this moment is to simply provide what comes – no judgment, no withholding, no editorializing.

“There is nothing here. It’s like I am taking in a vast nothingness.” I said this quietly, faithfully describing the experience her question raised.

“Oh! Then you are there, seeing me! This is how I have felt since he died. Like nothing.” She took a ragged breath and tears began to flow. I felt her let go of some of her tension.

I turned my attention fully to her Records, and as she took another breath, a bright light appeared. Through this light a man dressed in blue jeans and a light brown sweater with leather on the elbows emerged. Perhaps 60 or 70 years of age with a partially bald head. He smiled and I heard these words:

“Tell her I am ok. Tell my leibchen I love her.”

I gently repeated his words, describing the man I could see.

“That’s Harold! That’s what he always called me.”

I smiled at her and waited.

“Can you ask him why?” I did.

“My love, it was time. Time for me to continue my journey.”

“I miss you.”

“I know you do. But the best of me will be with you always.”

The Reading continued as my client asked more questions of her husband creating a shared experience of a 20-year relationship. The client also asked questions about the unexpected possibilities of her life as it was now shaped. There was resolution and release as well as recognition that some issues were not ready to be addressed.

Her Akashic Records made suggestions to deal with grief including one to make a memory box of special tokens of her husband and their marriage. A powerfully packed hour of sadness and joy, completion and that needing to remain undone for the time being.

As a Reader I learned about patience for myself and not jumping to conclusions. I was reminded that I cannot know exactly what answer will provide relief or what response will restore balance. That’s not my job as an Akashic Record Reader. I transmit what comes and hold space for the Receiver to embrace in whatever way serves their heart in the moment.

Later, this client reported that my willingness to witness the nothingness was the moment she began to heal. Until then, friends had been trying to talk her out of this debilitating feeling.

“I felt seen, heard – exactly what I needed in the moment even though in the moment before I did not know that’s what I needed.”

Dealing with the death of a loved one is … well, horrible – though that word hardly covers all the battling inner emotions and all the external turmoil. There is no one way to deal or process and often the impulse is to put off or ignore.

With another client dealing with the death of her husband, the response from the Akashic Records was completely different. In response to why, the Akashic Records made this suggestion:

“You need to beat a pillow. Yell. Scream. Let out your rage. Let out your disappointment. Let out your sorrow. Every day for the next seven days.”

The client looked at me, questioning but not refusing the response. The Records continued.

“There is so much bottled up inside you. Most of it is in conflict. Love and disappointment. Connection and the anxiety of separation. Anger and the sadness of personal capacity unrealized. You loved this man despite his unwillingness to grow and move beyond. But if you continue to push down all this conflict, you will be sick in six months and dead within the year. You are receiving the space to let this all go. Because it is pushed down so far in your body, you must use your body to get the negative, destructive energy out. If you can beat the pillow, the junk will come out, freeing you to live a new life.”

She took a deep breath. “Ok. Let me think on this.”

Several months later, this client wrote me a note of thanks.

“At the time I thought this suggestion was a bit on the crazy side. But as I thought about it, I realized that I had been giving up on myself. That I deserved better. I felt really silly at first but after a couple of minutes I felt this surge of anger within me bubble up. I was so angry I lost awareness of feeling silly and really lit into the pillows until I felt the anger spew from my mouth. I worked with my pillows for ten days and feel like I finally lost a dead weight that I’d gotten used to and had forgotten about. Every now and then I beat a pillow to remind myself to not take on what’s not mine or ignore what is for me. Thank you!”

This seemingly delayed response is not unusual. Shift happens when shift is ready. It’s neither advisable nor beneficial to push a person into a space they are not asking in the moment to experience. The intention of what is said in the moment is to support the Receiver in connecting with what is truth for them in the moment.

Most often, the client is ready for the release within the space of the Reading. Learning of the possibility of release or deeper understanding, most folks will step immediately into the shift, willing to accept the experience in the moment.

However, I also have seen in Readings that the suggestions are not followed. Instead, turning away from the suggestion points the person in a different direction that does work and does facilitate release and knowing. Plus, there are those cases where the person ignores the suggestions and turns inward in deeper frustration.

Additionally, just because the Records make a suggestion, doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow. You must use your common sense about what feels right to you about your life and follow the path which opens for you without resistance. You are responsible for you and the Akashic Records are not present to you to absolve you of self-responsibility. They are present to support your choice about your life.

The ability within the Akashic Records to work with those who have passed is not limited to partners. Family members, friends, and teachers are all possibilities. Usually there needs to be a connection, especially if the intent is to resolve an issue.

Sometimes I receive messages in the form of words. Sometimes there is an image of an object connecting the individuals. Sometimes the person who has passed steps forward looking as they did when they were alive. I describe and relay, and the client verifies the connection and the identity.

A client I had worked with for several years called one day in tears because her horse had suddenly gotten sick and died.

“We weren’t finished,” she cried. “What am I going to do without him?”

I turned to her Akashic Records and this beautiful buckskin horse appeared.

“I have a message of hope for my dearly loved friend. I am with you always. Just hold me in your heart. When you have a question, turn your attention to me and I will answer.”

The client explained she had a pendant which she bought after the two had won a competition. She decided to use the pendant as a focus. We worked together until she was able to hear a response, taking solace and hope in this new form of connection with her old friend.

Animals touch our lives in special ways. Within the Akashic Records, it is always possible to connect. Though, just like people, sometimes the response is that they are not available in the moment because they are wholly involved elsewhere.

Past lives was the topic raised in one of my first professional Akashic Record Readings. The woman before me asked:

“What past life is currently blocking my life?”

I know from the conversation later, she and I both were expecting a response which would detail one past life and demonstrate the source of the block.

Instead, the response from her Akashic Records was very different.

There was not one specific life. There were six all connected by a specific belief carried currently within the soul of the manifested human being sitting before me. Each life was separated by 200 to 500 years over approximately a 2000-year period. Two of the lives were not on Earth. Not all lives the soul was female and at least one of the lives, gender was even more fluid than what we describe as non-binary. In all six, the primary focus was on the parent-child relationship with my client as the child in all cases.

My client was surprised and intrigued.

“I’ve done past life regressions before but never heard of anything like this. Why are there so many?

I paused and turned to her Records for a response.

“The point is not in the details of the various lives. The point is in the belief which is expressed in each and how this belief creates a block within the current life experience of this person and as this soul incarnated.”

I describe what I was shown as a web of connection with my client at the center. Hazy lines of belief connected her to these existences which appeared individually as either past, future, or parallel. There was a dynamic feeling that the connected lives flowed beyond a strict linear sense of time and space. Yet, there was connection to her current, present time life.

“In each of these lives, there is the mistaken notion that the parents knew the best future path and not only insisted but also forced this path upon her.”

What played before me and which I relayed to my client was like a short movie of each life where the parent’s belief was forced upon the individual. In several lives, my client followed without question the parent’s dictates. In several, the client fought the parent’s demands. In two lives the fight ended in her death. In all the connected lives were miserable and ended badly.

“This is why I asked this question because my parents have always been strict and are now trying to force mem to. Marry a recently widowed friend of the family who is 20 years older than me. I love my parent, but I want to choose my life on my own.”

She looked down and I watched her wipe tears from her face.

“This seems to indicate I have no choice if this has happened before. Is this true? Is there some contract which binds me?”

“No, you definitely have choices. To have choice, you need to believe that you can have your own choice outside of your parent’s dictates.”

The Akashic Records also indicated that this was not a matter of a contract, or a set of binding choices made in the past which influence or limit the present. Instead, the six connected lives share a resonance, one with the other, which points in the direction of how to release the present-day block as well as release the connected, limiting energy of each lifetime. Release happens here and now as well within all connection because the soul exists beyond the time and space of past, present, and future. Release of this kind moves through the dynamic connection within the infinite and eternal.

My client continued with this question:

“How? How can I choose for myself? Because right now, I certainly feel that I have no choice but to bow to my parent’s demands?”

“In each of these lives, you are stuck within the belief that your worth as a human being is only of value if you follow your parent’s wishes. In other words, you must be a good girl, follow your parent, don’t question them, and you will be deemed worthy of a good life.”

My client looked up with understanding beginning on her face.

“I had never thought about this as an issue of worth. What do I do?”

Basically, her Records took this client through a process of release. Each of the connected lives expresses a message of truth which helped her step away from the compulsion to follow her parent’s demands no matter what. At the same time, the message provided a clear path towards her personal truth and self-worth.

Instead of a regressive, going-back process, this was an emerging, how-to-move-forward, step-by-step experience. The culmination was an energetic clearing within all connected lives on all cellular levels body, mind, heart, and soul.

Shift happened! Guided by her Akashic Records.

At the conclusion, all the work was focused into this affirmation for her to use for the next thirty days to firmly shift the energy of habit away from the old, now irrelevant, belief:

Including my parents, I owe no one an explanation about me and my life choices.

I am worthy and capable to choose my life for myself always.

From this initial Reading, I have done many more which had similar paths of release and integration.

That must-know-now energy leads very easily to the outdated belief that the Akashic Records are simply a source of past life information. Go back, retrieve the circumstances of the correct past life to explain current troubles. Of course, this is only ONE possible scenario. In the broadest understanding of the Akashic Records, there is not one – there are not just thousands but possibility that is infinite and eternal.

This is one of the reasons why I put much effort into overturning outdated beliefs and just plain wrong ideas about the Akashic Records. There is so much more available if you are open to the new and emerging, to the unimaginable and the always evolving possibilities of tomorrow.

This client’s question opened a door for us both which neither of us expected. Not only was there relevant information about one life – there was knowing across multiple lives with a detailed. Path of release and integration which helped this person move forward with confidence and a greatly expanded awareness of self-worth and self-capacity.

Later, this client reported she felt a confidence to be able to discuss this proposed marriage situation with her parents.

“It was kinda ugly at first. But like my Records suggested, I kept repeating my thanks to my parents for all they do for me AND my decision not to accept this marriage proposal. They did finally hear me which led to a wonderful sharing between us. Plus, I just got engage to a son of a family friend who I had been dating without my parent’s knowing.”

As I indicated, the primary issue with the typical desire for past life regression is that there is much more which can be accessed and worked with. Not just information, but a path of understanding and release, a journey to move forward into new possibility.

Within an Akashic Record Reading, the focus is on what is related to life in this moment which will fuel knowing, shift, release, and integration.

This focus can include more than the life of the soul. The focus is not limited to the linear past but can also include the non-local future as well as parallel existence – meaning a different life of the same soul occurring elsewhere within the same linear time frame. Any of these focuses can occur on Earth or anywhere across the multi-dimensionality of the incarnate manifestation including other planets, galaxies, and dimensions.

Some past lives are readily understood because they are within realms like ours. Others are not as easily accessible because the conditions of physical life are vastly different than ours. Consider a dimension that is entirely fire or a planet without gravity as we know it. What is relevant is the experience within the existence and how this understanding empowers you to release what no longer serves and embrace a new path of balance, harmony, and joy.

Whether you are dealing with someone who has passed or feeling called to examine your past, the point is not the past. The point is to understand what is holding you back from your best self. The point is to inquire into what you can do to release blocks in this life from whatever anchor point the block is expressed.

Connections with the past will get clear knowing when your focus is on now and your next step into your best tomorrow.

Past Lives and Those Who Have Passed: for more information about the possibilities of Akashic Records Reading.

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Cheryl has expanded the collective understanding of the Akashic Records beyond the outdated myths of yesterday into a dynamic healing spiritual practice of divine and human consciousness. She consults in the Akashic Records with clients around the world through one-on-one sessions, extensive research, and future-driven, strategic business development.

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