Working through Divorce within an Akashic Record Reading

Working through Divorce within an Akashic Record Reading is one of several articles that I have written to describe some of the possibilities for exploration and personal growth within an Akashic Records Reading.

Often when divorce is raised within an Akashic Record Reading, the person is feeling desperate, at the end of their rope.

The frustration, confusion, anger, and pain are described in different ways.

“Last night, I thought he was going to hit me again.”

“She used to be the best part of my life, but now all I get are complaints about me. I’ve tried everything and the complaints have gotten even meaner.”

“I’m worried that I’ve done something wrong and that’s why he gets so mad. And I am also scared to leave even though that’s probably best.”

“The conversation is gone. There’s no more enjoyment. I feel like I am living with a stranger.”

“She is never home before really late. My friend told me he saw her with another guy.”

Generally, you don’t get married planning divorce. Instead, the connected presence of love powers a relationship to life-long commitment.

Thus, the decision to marry isn’t taken lightly and neither is the contemplation of divorce.

But somewhere along the way, presence has shifted in the relationship, and connection is challenged. Perhaps commitment has also been breached.

A kind of insanity seeps in where one or both sides question themselves, lose trust, and lose the capacity to understand, make balanced choices, feel safe, feel protected.

Though the consideration of divorce usually takes some time, once the choice is made, the hardest part begins.

Divorce isn’t immediate and can be quite complicated with factors such as children and finances.

The break brings confusion, mistrust, fear, anger. Loyalty is compromised.

Shifting into a solitary trajectory where once loving commitment existed is tough and raw and hard.

Within an Akashic Record reading, all phases of divorce can be explored and worked through.

In my experience, the first biggest block to overcome is believing you are worthy enough to seek divorce, especially when your spouse has cheated or become someone unknown to you.

This might sound odd – but for many cutting the cord of marriage begins within you. To let go and go forward with divorce requires understanding that there’s nothing more for you to do to resolve the conflict. It’s time to decide for you.

Even so, in a Reading related to divorce, it makes sense to begin with the current state of the relationship and see if there are any steps which will help resolve the issues.

Once addressed, then move on to the next set of decisions and choices.

Because the Akashic Records are like a third-party observer, here you can find clearer understanding of what is happening and why, who is responsible for what, and how to resolve if possible.

In Readings, I have witnessed everything from clearly defined plans to restore the relationship, to assessments that now’s the time to begin divorce – to the frightening request of please take you and your kids to a shelter tonight to avoid hurt and harm.

If divorce has been filed, the Akashic Records are helpful with strategy and possibilities, within circumstances and desired outcomes.

They offer a solid reality check and can evaluate any and all options under consideration.

Ultimately, as in any Reading, the choice and the responsibility are yours.

The purpose of an Akashic Record Reading is to help you consider your options and raise within your truth and your inherent understanding of your situation.

The Reading can help calm your mind and connect you to the peace and understanding of your heart.

Especially within the insanity of divorce, an Akashic Record Reading can help you find your empowered path forward into a new and more satisfying life.

Finally, as you move forward, the Akashic Records can help you resolve and release the pain and confusion, so they don’t become life-long obstacles.

Restored and shifted beyond blame and anger, you give yourself the opportunity to live a new life clearly committed to a loving and new you.

In working through divorce, here are several questions to consider asking in an Akashic Records Reading:

What is the truth of my relationship with this person?

Is there a path to restoring my relationship to move forward into a healthy, beneficial life for all involved?

What choices are available to resolve the situation with this person?

Am I wrong about my assessment of my situation?

What are the benefits and challenges for me if I choose divorce?

I am afraid of my spouse. What can I do to help myself (and my children)?

My spouse and I have mutually agreed to divorce. How can we move through divorce in a way which respects us both?

Do I feel worthy enough to ask for and receive what I want in this situation and in life?

What is the source of conflict in our marriage?

What steps, if any, can be taken to resolve the conflict?

What are the consequences if I don’t make a choice?

What can I let go which will help me emerge from divorce whole, balanced, and aligned with my essential self?

Working through Divorce within an Akashic Record Reading is one of several articles I have written to describe some of the possibilities within an Akashic Record Reading with me.

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