Akashic Mystic Library

A Transformative Dialogue Between You and Me!

Within the Akashic Mystic Library, each month I share 4 to 6 new articles which come out of my current writing. Whether it be an excerpt from working with the Akashic Records, a new article, or an excerpt from a current work-in-progress book, I share my thoughts and ideas and epiphanettes with you.

You get this work before the public and have the opportunity to see how it might spur your own inner awareness and help you down your path with a little more clarity and insight.

Akashic Mystic Library from Cheryl Marlene

Here’s my story about the Akashic Mystic Library:

My best friend tells me I am in a constant state of epiphany. Or maybe I said this to her? Anyway, I totally agree.

I think of my process as many epiphanettes punctuated here and there by a soul-shaking epiphany.

I can be in the Akashic Records. I can be hiking. I can be doing the dishes — and BOOM! Crystal clear awareness strikes me. I pause. I let the awareness soak in forming words, pictures, deep feeling, and shake-my-socks understanding.

This process is not just once in a while. This is daily experience for me and often more than once — morning, noon, and night.

Much of what I write comes from the epiphanettes, inclouding articles, books, and courses.

Plus when I write, I am often able to transport myself into this focused state of nonlocal awareness. I’m not in the Records. Instead, I am entirely absorbed within the connected center of my being, as time and place fade beyond my immediate awareness.

Am I a prophet? Maybe. Am I a visionary? Very likely. Am I a mystic? Absolutely!

The management problem I have encountered over the years is what to do with the epiphanettes.

I used to spend a ton of time trying to record every last bit, detail, and thought. Or at least until I realized that was an impossible task and often not necessary.

My epiphanettes tend to fall in these categories:

Chained Awareness: this is awareness that is part of a chain, a journey of thought moving me in a random pattern through a particular body of knowledge and wisdom. Often these chains are linked to a current project and assist me in making decisions.

Creative New Connection: usually a connection between something I have known with a new flash of awareness. Or a flip in perspective which raises a new understanding.

New Emergence: this is the unknown or the unexpected peaking out from the edges of my awareness and becoming — becoming known — becoming What Is — becoming undeniably here, now, with me.

Back to the management problem. I have learned I do not need to write down my chained awareness because the thoughts are absorbed into the project and its decisions and direction.

Creative new connection bits take different directions. Some into blog articles, into course lessons, and book sections. The same is true for new emergence epiphanettes. Though both tend to end up in my private library because the bits are not yet related to the bigger production units like courses or books.

Over ten years ago, as I was going through divorce, I had to real quick get clear about how I wanted to express in and connect with the world (beyond wife and mom).

I decided I wanted to commit myself to my mystical being and make my living within this commitment.

I am happy to report that overall, with lots of hard work, I have been able to sustain myself, my life, and my business through tenacity to this commitment.

All of this is to say that I see the Akashic Mystic Library as a dialogue between you and me — an exchange of my epiphanettes to fuel your epiphanettes — an exchange in which I hold the intention for the dialogue to be transformative for both of us.

Akashic Mystic Library is a library containing my private writing, my creative new connections, my new emergence bits, and much of my in-progress, soon-to-be-published books and courses.

Instead of buying a book with a static, never-changing form, you buy a membership to an ever-changing flow of thought, philosophy, spiritual practice, actionable ideas, plus the epiphanies and epiphanettes of my life.

Parts of the Akashic Mystic Library are articles connected with other articles. Some are stand alone and will only ever be available in the library. Plus based on future epiphanettes, some single pieces will join together and become part of a bigger epiphany.

If you become a member of the Akashic Mystic Library, you join directly with me in dialogue. Weekly email will alert you of the new stuff and remind you of the Library perks.

Plus, you are helping me to sustain my livelihood as this crazy, epiphanette-filled Akashic Mystic that I have committed to be and become.

The Library has categories. Membership has levels. And you get to choose how you enter into this dialogue with me.

If you join and find it’s not your thing, I’ll happily refund your contribution if you ask within 14 days of joining.

Below be the description. Click here to join right now or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Welcome! May your life journey be filled with joy and adventure.

Learn. Laugh. Love. Be. Become. Always!

In Joy!

Exclusive Membership Access to
Cheryl’s Writing, Research, & Epiphanettes

With membership in the Akashic Mystic Library, you receive access to my work and writing in multiple categories including:

  • Q & A with the Founders of the Akashic Records
  • The Spiritual Practice of Personal Power
  • Global Messages for Humanity from the Guardians Groups of the Akashic Records
  • Navigating the Multi-dimensional Earth plane
  • Traversing the shift from Departing Energies to Arrival Energies & the new Agreements for Humanity
  • Retrieving Ancient Wisdom
  • Dynamics of Spiritual-Physical Integration & Unity Consciousness
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Akashic Future Insights
  • Plus a Member-only Perma-collection

Each month, depending on the level of access you choose, you will receive between 4 to 8 new Library additions. Each will be available for a minimum of fifteen days while some will be available to you for as long as I offer the Akashic Mystic Library. The limited-edition prepublication pieces will disappear from the Library when the book they are included in is published. All of the content will be available to Library members before the general public and many pieces will only be available in the Library.

How Does Library Membership Work?

Here are the details:

The content of the Akashic Mystic Library will be available to you from the protected, private part of this website. You will receive an account and after logging in to your account, you will have access to the Library’s content.

When a new item is added, you will receive an email notice with a link. You will need to be logged into your account to read the new entry.

For your Library membership, you choose a membership level and a payment frequency (monthly or annually).

You may cancel at any time by following the directions in the Library. When you cancel, your subscription will not be renewed. You will have access to the Library until your subscription is closed including any new additions made after cancellation but prior to the subscription end date. For example, if you have an annual subscription beginning January 1 which you cancel in July, you will have access until December 31 — your subscription will not be renewed.

Refund Policy: If the Akashic Mystic Library is not your thing, please send me email with your refund request within 14 days of joining and you will receive a full refund. Please know this: no refunds after 14 days.

You may upgrade or downgrade your account at any time — just follow the directions you find in your account.

Also, when time to renew your subscription comes, you will receive an emailed reminder.

Nonpayment results in immediate suspension of membership.

As a Member, you acknowledge that all material in the Library is protected by my copyright, is only for your personal enjoyment and learning, and may not be distributed in any form to anyone for any reason at any time. Access to your account may not be shared or sold. Any indications of abuse of this privileged access will be responded to with immediate revocation of your membership without refund or notice.

Wondering What’s in the Library?

Akashic Mystic Library Categories

Akashic Mystic Library Archive – this gets you to a page with every entry in the Library, across all categories

Akashic Future InsightsSample Article
The possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment often focused on business and social progress and yet also for the general possibilities of the personal work of life.

Akashic Records ResearchSample Article
A variety of topics across the depth and the breadth of the Akashic Records. Sample Article

Ancient Wisdom and Future KnowingSample Article
From Ancient Mother including the remembering of Ancient Wisdom, Departing Energy and Arrival Energy, and the shift in our Human Agreements on Earth.

From the Founders of the Akashic RecordsSample Article
Includes both work I have done with the Founders and the information which comes from our monthly Q&A sessions.

From the Guardian Groups of the Akashic RecordsSample Article
Guardians celestial bodies and sacred sites to the Gemstone Guardians — a little bit of a lot.

Soul Energy DynamicsSample Article
Describes the energetic innovations shared with me the beginning about the nature and possibilities of the Akashic Records.

Works-in-ProgressSample Article
This is where I share what I’m working on that will eventually see book publication.

Works-PublishedSample Article
Excerpts, chapters, and background about current publications.

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How do I Become a Library Member?

Membership Levels

Every level receives a weekly email of new additions to the Library.


Essential Support &
Personal Access

$5 a month or $49 a year

Access: 4 to 6 new Library entries a month

Discount Code: One annual $199 discount code for a 60-minute (or more) Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl

Free Book: complimentary digital copy of Introduction to the Akashic Records


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Access: 4 to 6 new Library entries a month

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$150 a month or $1499 a year

Most Extensive Access: Immediate access to all monthly Library entries as they are published.

Discount Code: One annual $299 discount code for a 60-minute (or more) Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl

Personal Response Q&A: May also submit two non-personal questions a year to the Akashic Records and receive private written response

Free Books: Complimentary digital copies of Akashic Records Masterclass and The New Akashic Records