Balance and Resistance

Balance Is.

From the perspective of All That Is, looking from Non-Physical Reality, Balance is always.

Balance describes the natural state of energy within its motion, intention and knowing.

Balance is manifested from these three characteristics and is the result of energy and its flow.

Balance is the intention All That Is holds for all energy.

Balance is the point of connection between you and All That Is.

Balance is your point of truth, understanding, clarity because balance felt at your Center of BE-ing is divine connection with All That Is.

We need comparison to understand beyond linear experience.

As human beings, we understand existence in a linear perspective through comparison in pairs of subject and object.

Thus, it is difficult to understand that Balance is always without some idea of what balance isn’t.

Don’t we have to create balance?

The counterpart to Balance is Resistance.

On a physical level, we can understand balance by speaking of resistance.

Resistance is the primary differentiation between Non-Physical Reality and Physical Reality.

Resistance appears as the possibility of balance.

Resistance is the feeling that balance isn’t.

Balance and Resistance are embodied experiences within Physical Reality.

In Non-Physical Reality, feeling is not embodied, it is part of pure consciousness, yet to enter the Human Energy Continuum.

In Physical Reality, physical form embodies the awareness of subject-object thus the feeling of resistance appears.

At a physical level, resistance feels like something we run into because physically resistance is an embodied experience.

Within both Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality, resistance is a clarification of intention.

In contrast, resistance then is both a feeling of a force away from balance as well as an absence of balance.

Balance is. 

Resistance is the feeling that balance isn’t.

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