From a Soul Perspective, What is ADHD or Autism?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

What do the Founders think about ADHD and Autism from a soul perspective? 

Their response discusses the possibilities and challenges of fluid awareness.

So you’re asking about the experience of people who are experiencing what we would call brains that are neurally-atypical?

Participant replies: Yes, from a soul point of view, rather than a brain point of view.

The Founders continue:

So regarding people with autism, a lot of this has to do with what the Founders were talking about, like say around gender, about the issue of fluidity.

In this deepening awareness of physical-spiritual integration, all parts of ourselves like body, mind, heart, and soul can and will experience fluidity and the ways that body, mind, heart, and soul have awareness.

As they were talking earlier about the sense of being less dense, for example, that’s more a physical expression of the same thing – of having a really clear awareness of the multi-dimensional aspects of our world. In a certain sense comes a lot more through our minds and also through our hearts.

Autism, ADHD, or whatever, is about exploring that fluidity. It’s exploring the possibilities of not being limited to the three-dimensional world, to linear time and space.

In a certain sense, it’s like being able to have an awareness of the here and now, in a way that we would normally attribute to something more like taking psychedelics, having like a major epiphany from doing lots of meditation, or other different ways that we get into altered states.

What we are now calling neuro-atypical is actually a brain that’s no longer limited by the framework of three-dimensional/four-dimensional awareness. Ooh, that gave me cold chills.

Participant observes: It makes sense. Because my experience of working with this type of child is that they almost struggle to be in the physical world, in lots of different ways in relationship to the soul, that the soul has this really broad spectrum of everything, almost like this knowing. It’s almost like a struggle to be in this dimension, if that makes sense?

The Founders continue:

Well, what the Founders would say about that is that it’s a struggle to be in this dimension with that awareness, mainly because very few people around them are doing the same. It’s sort of like being in a country where you don’t speak the language. And you’re trying to use a language that’s not even like, subject, verb, object oriented. It’s expressing ideas in a different way than the surrounding environment is trying to express. Where points of awareness are very different.

One way that you could describe this is to say that most of us still think within the local environment. And when you begin to move into different aspects of neuro-atypicality, what you are dealing with is actually a brain that’s also focusing its awareness across or into what I would call non-locality. – like it’s operating within a quantum state. It’s aware of connection, but because the perception of it is non-local and not local, they’re already acting and behaving and being aware through the expansive sense that would come through a high level of awareness of physical-spiritual integration.

Participant observes:  That makes sense, because it’s almost like being an old soul. But there’s a deep knowing now that’s almost like too much for this. As in it’s like, old souls, not really of this timeline.

The Founders continue:

Because their perspective is so far out in the non-local space, it’s hard to have a sense of being connected to local space.

The picture that the Founders are showing me is sort of like a picture that was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope of some aspect of space and, and to our human eye, it looks like a whole bunch of stars. And what it is, is a picture of a whole bunch of galaxies. And so, local awareness would have you focusing on one of those little pinpoints of light, not knowing that there’s a whole bunch of other pinpoints of light.

Whereas with non-local awareness, you can be on the little pinpoint of light, and you start to have an awareness of infinite numbers of other points of reference that are around you. A lot of people who are neuro-atypical don’t realize that they’re looking at things from another perspective than other people.

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