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Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians

Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians is my newest book and the first book in a new series, Akashic Records Discovery Collection.

This is not a how-to book. Rather, this book explores information and messages from a very special aspect of the Akashic Records: the Gemstone Guardians — the soul-focused energy of every gemstone.

Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians includes healing messages from thirty Gemstone Guardians. Messages to help overcome fear and navigate change. These guardians want to support you as you claim and live from within your personal power.

As I wrote this book, I decided to also bring forward ways for you to acquaint your self with the energy of the Gemstone Guardians.

I designed the Gemstone Guardians Journal — a companion journal for you to use to work with the energy of each Gemstone Guardian. Each has provided personal discovery questions which help you connect with the energy of the gemstone while releasing blocks, old habits, and erroneous notions.

I also used the healing messages from each Guardian to create a deck of healing message cards. In this deck are thirty Gemstone Guardian Healing Message Cards.

To really help you feel and experience the energy of each directly and personally, a student of mine designed and has handcrafted the Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection. Thirty gemstone charms to wear on either a necklace or bracelet.

Finally, I offer two great experiences to interact with the beautiful energy of the Gemstone Guardians.

First is Gemstone Guardian Group Reading events where I work on your behalf within a group setting to bring forward information, clarity, and support from the Gemstone energy you choose. These are short, focused Readings using the Gemstone Guardian Healing Message Cards through the Akashic Records and Council of the Gemstone Guardians.

Plus, I have created a special private Akashic Record Reading experience to dive deep into your personal connection with Gemstone Guardian energy. Whether you want to connect with a particular gemstone or want assistance in figuring out the most beneficial lines of connection within this energy, I will work with you through a Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading.

Through my shop, you can get signed copies of the hardcover version of the book or journal. Also in the shop, find the Healing Message Cards or the Jewelry Collection. With any purchase save 25% on a Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading.

If you already have the book, here’s the Reader’s Bonus:

How to Work with Gemstone Energy

A downloadable PDF with five steps for connecting with and
bringing gemstones into your home and your personal spiritual practice.
Download Here!

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Gemstone Guardians Group Reading with Cheryl Marlene

Gemstone Guardians Group Reading with Cheryl

Tap into the beautiful healing energy of the Gemstones for a powerful personal message!

Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians by Cheryl Marlene

Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians

Healing Messages to Overcome Fear, Navigate Change, and Choose the Evolution of Your Personal Power

Gemstone Guardians Journal by Cheryl Marlene

Gemstone Guardians Journal

All the questions from Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians for journaling, reflection, meditation, or exploring the Akashic Records

Quartz Charm Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection by Cheryl Marlene

Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection

Thirty handcrafted charms for either a sterling silver necklace or bracelet.

Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards by Cheryl Marlene

Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards

Healing Messages to navigate change, overcome fear, and claim your personal power.

Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl Marlene

Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl

Dive into the possibilities of your connection with the Gemstone Guardians!

Add this Reading to any purchase in my shop and save 25% on the Reading.