How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey by Cheryl Marlene

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Is now the time to learn How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey?

Ready to get a handle on your life and move into greater fulfillment and understanding?

Do you want an easy to follow guide that shows you the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be?

In this book powerful book, How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey, master teacher Cheryl Marlene walks you through the five key steps of the spiritual journey.

This approach is neither a quick fix nor religious dogma; instead, it offers practical suggestions to empower you and help you navigate life with clarity and confidence.

As you move through each step, you will also learn many important concepts to use immediately in everyday life including:

Beginner’s Mind – approaching life through the lens of learning instead of defensiveness.

Critical Voice – calming that nagging inner voice which diminishes your self-confidence.

Present Moment – the power of this moment both as foundation and launchpad of your life.

Choice – moving beyond reaction into conscious response.

Intention – using your conscious awareness to give direction to your life.

Truth and Trust – the necessary personal attributes which are incorporated into every aspect of your journey and transformation.

Integrity – conscious honesty which brings balance and alignment throughout your life.

Gift of Fear – move from frozen to fully aware by accepting the gifts of the unknown.

Sacred Space – the essence of life when the gifts of the journey are embraced and integrated.

Each lesson offers these navigational components:

  • A key concept to use on your journey,
  • Suggestions to easily integrate this into daily life and put the ideas into practice.
  • Questions for reflection which assist you in working through your personal issues related to the key concept, and
  • A transformative affirmation which powers you to shift the direction of your life towards a new you.

After reading this book, you may live the same life, but your life will never be the same again!

Begin your journey now.

Why did I write How to Navigate the Five Steps of the Spiritual Journey?

Here’s the backstory on this book. The content began as a workshop I did for clients over ten years ago.

Many of the folks who seek me out are in the midst of awakening to their spiritual journey that is either beginning or continuing. The objective was to provide a practical description with easily incorporated techniques to support their understanding of what was happening in their lives.

Flexibility, equanimity, integrity, intention, present moment, beginner’s mind, transformation, integration — these are all terms that we have heard and, perhaps, have some idea about.

This books explains how to make these all real experiences in your life — not as judgment but as support toward clarity, awareness, and deepest soul knowing.

Plus this isn’t a book filled with lofty, only-for-the-gifted spiritual perceptions. This book comes out of my personal trials, mistakes, and failures. Hard-won suggestions for living your best life. Not empty promises which never materialize. Realistic and practical assistance to deal with the bumps in your road and create the life you choose.

While I have used the lesson and question format of my Akashic Records Master Course series, this book is for everyone on their journey — whether you open the Akashic Records or not.

Another guidebook from my heart to yours!

In Joy!

Here’s a short excerpt:

Took me a while to recognize my journey’s Call. I’ve learned that my call has a familiar feeling which resonates within. Whether I am reading a book or hiking or talking with friends, that place within me sings. The song can be subtle or feel like a loud, clanging gong. Over time I’ve gotten a bit faster at recognizing the song. I’ve also gotten better at letting go of the immediate need to know exactly what the Call is about. Now I can hang in the dark allowing the energy of the Call to arise and reveal itself. Challenging to learn, yet patience with myself truly helps.

All journey begins with the first step. The Call. 

Softly like a whisper in the wind or suddenly with a force like a sledgehammer to the heart, there is a a nudge or a signal: 

Stop and listen. 


Something worth attention awaits.

This is the beginning of the journey: The Call.

Maybe there is a call to read a book, attend a lecture, or participate in a workshop. Exactly why is not easily understood. Only that something is noticed, is an opening or a receiving. Consciously or unconsciously, this is the reception of the Call, the divine movement of spirit within.

In this moment, turn attention to heart’s depth and ask self or ask within the Akashic Records:

1. How may I open my heart to the motion of my journey?

2. How can I learn to hear the Call of my path?

As the journey continues, I affirm:

I trust myself to hear spirit within.


Just like the book on affirmations, this one pleasantly surprised me at her unique take, this time on a spiritual journey. — Amazon Review

I loved that the author incorporated the hero’s journey into her concept of what a spiritual journey should be…. Make your own hero’s/heroine’s spiritual journey! — Amazon Review

Another great job continuing on the Akashic Records journey…. I definitely recommend this series. — Amazon Review

Here’s a look inside: