To Do Your Work

To Do Your Work by Cheryl Marlene

Publication in 2024

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Spiritual Practice of Personal Power

Here are several excerpts from the book:

The world is in the midst of extraordinary change – a change creating powerful pressure within to get clear, to be conscious, to do your work.

But – you don’t need me telling you about this change because you feel it within you on all levels, body, mind, heart, and soul.

You feel the pressure.

You feel the need to resolve your inner conflict.

You seek relief and the confidence that you can live your best life now.

The friction of this change creates internal pressure points.

The pressure exists within you as two opposing motions such as the push and pull between reaction and response, unconsciousness and full awareness, self-denial and self-truth.

This book offers a clear path of release for the twelve pressure points of this change.

  • Each lesson defines an outdated belief which is the fulcrum of the pressure.
  • Each lesson begins with an easily accessible definition which leads to understanding the fallacy of the pressure point.
  • I offer stories about myself and others who have struggled and successfully found relief.
  • Then each lesson dives deep into the way the energy of the pressure is felt within on a personal level.
  • Finally, each lesson concludes with a specific path of release – a path you can explore and make your own.

The pressure points are so fundamental to human existence, the ideas may deeply surprise you and will certainly stir up anything which no longer serves you. You will question fundamental beliefs and assumptions about how you live your life.

Know this is not a quick-fix book.

Instead, we walk through the tough, the raw, and the real in order to look directly at what is holding you back.

Take your time.

Give yourself space.

Allow your unfolding however it may emerge for you.

What does it mean To Do Your Work?

Requirements To Do Your Work by Cheryl Marlene

To do your work, fully awake, requires commitment and self-responsibility, trust and truth, plus the ability to laugh, learn, and love.

This is the deep road, the deep dive, and the invitation to deep personal exploration.

One walks this road, not in arrogance, but with the simple recognition that to forgo the choice to do your work is neither honest nor truthful to the depth of life experience you desire.

To do your work is life lived fully with compassion for self and other, and with joy for the release and expansion which come in grand motion and tiny nuance.

To do your work requires determination and the ability to see forward progress even in the sidestep and the seemingly backward motion.

To do your work is to find value within self and to let go of obstacles and blocks, to move beyond that which might have been truth yesterday but no longer serves the best you can be and become today and tomorrow.

Essentially, to do your work is a journey of release.

What you need is a guidebook for release.

A book with twelve pressure points to release, assisting you to do your work.

This is personal work integrated across all aspects body, mind, heart, and soul.

Yes, this is a spiritual journey.

But more specifically, this is your life’s journey.

This is a book for your journey.

Because NOW is time: to do your work!

To Do Your Work Pressure Points by Cheryl Marlene

Covered in depth, these are the twelve pressure points of release:

  • Blind Production
  • Delusion of Power-Over
  • Disconnection within Mass Consciousness
  • Manipulation Through Fear
  • Future is All
  • Illusion of Standards
  • Reactive Blame
  • Failure of Control
  • Oppression of Coercion
  • Myth of Scarcity
  • Service Misplacement
  • Belief Misplacement

To Do Your Work will publish in 2024.