What is the Unknowable?

In the lives of our friends and family, there is much that happens that we cannot know because we are not privy to their internal, eternal process of Knowing.

Knowing is an inner, individual process which illuminates our darker corners. Knowing is ever evolving — becoming from moment to moment — a new motion within as we live our lives within what we know, do not know, and are yet unable to know.

In this sense the unknowable is that which is just beyond our grasp — that which dances just beyond our field of perception. The unknowable can go unnoticed easily as we go about the day-in and day-out of our lives. Yet the unknowable is also that which beckons, unrecognized, as the motivator of action, of thought, and of feeling.

Sometimes we mistake the unknowable as the dangerous and the chaotic because the unknowable can feel like the waters we dare never enter.

Look around you. Look at the circumstances of your life. Feel into the edges. What is unknowable? What feels like you should not enter? Ask yourself: Why? Ask yourself: Why not enter my unknowable? What will I find? What may I learn to embrace into my Knowing?

Winter is the time we take in each year’s passing to commune with our unknowable. Literally a time of going inside, winter in her barren aspect holds our seeds of knowing.

In this month of two full moons (12/2 & 12/31), the invitation of Winter Solstice from shortening to lengthening, and the many joyous holiday celebrations, I invite you to think a bit on your unknowable, letting the dark unveil your light.


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