Balance IS

Balance Is.

This is one of the most powerful ideas from my Akashic Records.

Balance is not something you have to push hard to make happen.

Instead, stop.

Take a step back.


Where is balance in this moment?

Something may need to be let go.

Something else may require the realization that expectation is in the way.

Maybe patience.

Maybe calm.

Many possibilities.

The point is to stop instead of driving forward.

Create the space to take a look.

Now you create the opportunity to be aware of what’s up.

The space gives you space to see in the moment where – for you – Balance Is.

This took me a bit to do as my default response.

I’m driven to explore, achieve, and learn.

This means I default to action – avoiding anything which feels like no-action.

But I’ve learned that there is much I want within the simple pause, the quiet moment.

When I stop, observe, and reflect on me and my current situation, I find awareness of What Is, and where Balance Is for me in the moment.

I also find that just a simple deep breath is the one step which slows me down.

Breathe. Pause. Assess.

Interestingly, not only did my Akashic Records make this recommendation, but I also find that the whole process of opening the Akashic Records for myself and for Other offers the opportunity to pause, to assess, to learn.

Giving self the opportunity to breathe and stop is the gift of balance.

Breathe. Pause. Assess.

Balance Is.


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