Blind Production

Blind Production is the mistaken belief that you must do something or produce something to prove your worth, your value as a human being. This belief drives a personal search for validation to feel valuable, wanted, and worthy.

The effort to prove your worth will take you out of yourself, hiding your inner sense of truth and worth from self-awareness.

Absent from the truth of self, the push for worth becomes blind effort because there’s no certainty or clarity about what effort, what production will prove worth.

Within this self-absence, focus shifts to others: family, friends, or authority figures all perceived to know better than you – all believed to be capable of validating you and your efforts. If you do for them perfectly, your effort and their agreement will prove your worth.

The trouble comes that even with others as the focus of your production, the goal of validating personal worth is not obtainable. In panic, you fear there is nothing to be done to conclusively prove your worth.

This demand for proof has become so ingrained in human behavior and belief, we don’t question the push of Blind Production in our lives.

The paradox of Blind Production:

Your worth is intrinsic.

No proof required.

To release this false belief:  shift self-absence to self-presence.

This is an excerpt from my book, To Do Your Work.

The rest of this first chapter describes Blind Production in more detail and covers the release path for this pressure point.

To learn more about the concepts within To Do Your Work, begin with this article: The Spiritual Practice of Personal Power.

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