Life Purpose

Life is the journey of experience lived moment to moment.

Life purpose is not something I am told.

Life purpose is discovery and experience of my life in this moment.


Like soul purpose, life purpose is an incredible expression of the depth and breadth of who I am as a manifested being.

This is not about finding words outside of me which explain to me what my purpose in life should be.

Instead, life purpose is a journey into the depth and power of who I am and am always becoming, moment to moment.


To explore life purpose, two abilities are required: learning and loving.

The good news is that as a human being, both abilities are inherent.

The work of life comes in practicing both on a daily basis, and in each moment of life. No exceptions.

Interestingly, passion comes in the intersection between the depth of learning and the breadth of love.

Passion is expression of resonance within body, mind, heart, and soul.

Very simply, life purpose is an expression of personal passion.

As a soul of infinite capacity, there is no limit to what I can do in my life.

There is no one requirement to fulfill.


The earth is making titanic shifts away from physical domination towards life lived within physical-spiritual integration.

In this universal motion, the purpose of my life will shift … and shift … and shift as I learn and love, engaging with life as a dance of joy and exploration.

Life purpose is not one thing.

Life purpose is the one thing I am passionate about in this moment.

What do I love? What brings me joy to experience in this moment?

Here’s the question I ask to get to my passion:

Knowing I cannot fail, what will I do with my life?

The only block to life purpose as passion is the threat of failure.

I want to succeed, I want to do what I want to do yet at the same time, I do not want to fail.

There is pain and disappointment in failure.

There is embarrassment because failure seems to indicate that you are less than, incapable, broken, and, perhaps, unrepairable.

However, the only failure which matters is not making the effort to live life through passion.

Deciding to compromise the best I can be and become for the safety of no failure is the worst failure.

That’s deciding I am not worthy of my best.

That’s not trusting myself at the most fundamental level.

That’s turning my back on learning and loving.


The only way to live the depth of my life experience is to look failure and all its associated fears in the eye and say NO.

I claim life through passion not through fear.

This opens me to follow my heart to express the best of me.

My direction in life is to learn and love and laugh.

The purpose is to not let fear and failure dictate.


With passion as guide, I can create my life based on my awareness of resonance, alignment, and connection.

I don’t need to look outside of myself for clues.

Instead I look within, trusting to receive truth, to connect with the flow of learning, and to follow the lead of my heart open to love.

Dynamically connected, life has purpose because I learn and I love.

Passion, as guide, always moves me beyond failure and fear.

Letting passion be both my purpose and my guide helps me live life with trust and truth in each step.


Knowing I cannot fail, what will I do with my life?

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