Thankful for Connection

Got a question for you!

Who in your life are you thankful for?

Because of my work, I meet and connect with lots of people in a day, a week, a month, a year.

Lots of these folks I meet once and never again.

But no matter, I am very thankful for that moment of connection. Each exchange brings me something I wouldn’t receive otherwise. However momentary, I am grateful.

There are also folks, who from time to time, annoy me in our exchange.

Honestly, I probably annoy them in return.

The exchange has friction, perhaps some hot moments.

Grateful as I may be when the moment concludes, I am no less thankful for the awareness the unease raised.

Yet as I write this, I am focused on a small group: those awesome people who have touched my heart in the deepest of ways.

People who have been friends, who have helped me learn and grow, helped me become more of who I am, releasing whatever needed releasing.

As I write, I think of several such connections I’ve had in the last year. The memory brings joyful tears to my eyes and I feel an impactful depth which takes my breath away.

Sometimes these folks are with me for long portions of life, while others fly in, sprinkle their magic fairy dust, and depart for unknown destinations.

A year ago, one of these precious few walked into my life. The friendship offered, the challenges generously bestowed, and a vulnerability shared changed my life. In fact, several people nested with me a year ago and because of our exchanges, I am different in a better way. Though actually more myself. I learned. I laughed. I loved.

It’s so easy to run through life and not take notice. The speed at which we live can often empty life of richness and depth.

That’s why I am sitting here in an airport, alternately looking out the window at the runway and then turning my head back to the page to write. I remember where I was a year ago. I see where I am now.

I know much has brought me to this point. However, two conversations with two precious friends brought me first to a stand still this time last year.

Then to a head slap and a “Oh! I get it!”

Breath in, breath out. A turn, a pause. A snickling of fear sneaking in, then being pulled out.

Challenge offered, challenge accepted. Breathless in a good way.

I dive head first into what a week before I avoided and left unacknowledged in my heart.

I am blessed. I am thankful.

One of these people has remained and our friendship has formed a steady foundation.
The other person sprinkled his dust and fluttered away.

May your path be filled with love, learning, and adventure.

My path is filled because you took the moment to walk with me a bit and offer the best of you to me.

That I have had not one, not two, but many folks grace my life with their love in the last year is my greatest fortune.

Your legacy lives within me gracing my life with love.

We are all worthy of deepest connection.

Again, I ask you:

Who in your life are you thankful for?

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