The Communion of Remembrance

The Communion of Remembrance reflects on the nature of community and what brings us together.

Remembrance: an act or ritual of mindfulness, done in respect, to remember

Communion: intimate, shared spiritual and emotional gathering of mindful individuals

When we gather together mindfully, meaning each individual brings awareness to self and to the many gathered, we may join in community and focus our own remembering within the community so joined, amplifying awareness of the one and the many to connect heart, mind and body with the divine transcendence present in each and in All.

Life is full of challenge, joy, disappointment and love. In remembrance, we can touch upon these deeper truths which can often be missed or ignored within daily living. When we take a moment to bring to mind the deeper possibilities connected to the object of our remembrance, we can connect this moment with past and with future, allowing personal awareness to receive from the sacred unknown.

Remembrance is an active interaction focused to learning truth in this moment. No matter how many times we may have engaged with a particular ritual, there is always something to learn, to be aware of that is different in this moment from all other moments. What is now because you have been before this moment?

Body and blood are connections with the physical and spiritual expressions of this moment. Mistakes are made. Forgiveness is always possible and necessary.

In the ritual of communion, awareness of connection is made through awareness of how we are made both of body and spirit. We stand in community asking to receive so that we may live, that our lives may be full of mindful awareness of the depth and breadth of all life which is precious and wonderful and overflowing. And in remembrance, we remember we are all part of the greater whole.

In grace, we exist. With faith, we live. In loving self and other, we learn and we remember. Amen.

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