What is Spiritual Practice?

Integral to your spiritual journey is the inner work you do with yourself to understand where you are, who you are, and what you can become.

Spiritual practice is the tool of this inner work.

Spiritual practice can be a formal exercise though it need not be because the essence of spiritual practice lies within conscious intention.

Within this perspective, let us define spiritual practice as follows:

Spiritual Practice is
any conscious action or experience of Being
emerging from your center,
motivated by the intention of understanding and integrating the whole of your BE-ing,
physical and spiritual,
body, mind, heart, and soul.

The primary foundation of spiritual practice is intention.

Without intention, any spiritual practice can become hollow and its outcomes illusory.  Without intention, prayer loses its heart and meditation becomes mindless, useless repetition.  With intention, simple daily tasks such as washing the dishes and sweeping the floor can become revealing and uplifting portals to deeper connection and new-found clarity.

Spiritual practice also allows rather than dictates or controls.  The whole point is to learn something new about yourself rather than reinforcing outdated beliefs.

Within the motion of your daily life, any action or experience in your life can be Spiritual Practice.

Truly living life is the best spiritual practice there is.  Everything you need is here waiting for you, ready to support your Being and Becoming.

Rather than separating physical from spiritual, your intention can integrate the two, unifying all of your life within the perspective of the whole.

Spiritual ritual and practice are not effective because of their individual forms but because of the experience that moves within you as you engage in the process of the practice.

Thus, along your journey, spiritual practice begins with your consideration of what practice to experience.

Your consideration as you approach your practice initiates movement within and ignites your first awareness of possible intention.  The process of your choice begins the process of your spiritual practice.

Initially, you may choose a practice for reasons which may not be entirely clear at first.

Just the simple recognition that this is something to do may be the only motivating intention.  Or you may feel or understand more distinctly your motivation and intention.   Either is fine because the process of the practice will reveal additional layers of meaning and intention.  Standing open will allow these layers of intention to come forward into your experience and awareness.

The process of spiritual practice is a revelation over time of Being, of clues and hints towards blocks, obstacles and possibilities for clarity and truth.

Your entire experience from consideration, engagement and completion, even if the experience lasts but a moment, is the process of spiritual practice.

And from the moment you begin, the motion of your intention initiates the flow of your learning and understanding.  The effects begin in the first moment of consideration and continue throughout the entire process of spiritual practice.

Each practice is not for each and every person.  However, you must give yourself the opportunity of experience to be able to acquaint yourself with what works for you.  In fact, just recognizing the resistance you have towards doing a practice can be the practice itself.

Spiritual practice is not about completion but about your attention to and reflection on whatever happens within your practice.  If you run into resistance, amend the practice to your time considerations and your intention.  Don’t force yourself or demand perfection.

Remember that your learning is revealed in your process of all spiritual practice.

Headshot of Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

Cheryl Marlene, the world’s authority on the Akashic Records, is a mystic who is unafraid of the tough, the raw, and the real aspects of doing deep work. She conducts Akashic Record Readings and teaches students to access the Akashic Records through her signature Akashic Records Master Course. In the field of consciousness, she is known as a futurist, innovator, and master teacher who delivers life-changing lessons with warmth and humor. Her exploration takes her to the cutting edge: bringing the future to you today, to help prepare you for what you will need tomorrow.